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Expansive Cement

Definition: a cement that when mixed with water produces a paste that after setting increases in volume to a greater degree than does portland-cement paste.
(1) Type K expansive cement — a mixture of portland cement, anhydrous tetracalcium trialuminate sulfate (C4A3S), calcium sulfate (CaSO4), and lime (CaO).
(2) Type M expansive cement — interground or blended mixtures of portland cement and calcium sulfate suitably proportioned.
(3) Type S expansive cement — a portland cement containing a high computed tricalcium aluminate (C3A) content and an amount of calcium sulfate above the usual amount found in portland cement.

- ACI Concrete Terminology

Expansive concretes are divided into two categories, shrinkage-compensating and self-stressing. Shrinkage-compensating concrete is an expansive cement concrete in which expansion if restrained induces compressive stresses which approximately offset tensile stresses in the concrete induced by drying. Self-stressing concrete is an expansive cement concrete in which expansion, if restrained, induces compressive stresses of a high enough magnitude to result in significant compression in the concrete after drying shrinkage and creep has occurred.


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