deflection in concrete Topic

Deflection in Concrete

Definition: movement of a point on a structure or structural element, usually measured as a linear displacement or as succession displacements transverse to a reference line or axis.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Deflection control is an important serviceability consideration in the structural design of concrete buildings. The principal material parameters that influence concrete deflection are modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, creep, and shrinkage. While provision of an adequate level of safety against collapse is the primary design consideration, the structural engineer must take into account possible adverse effects of excessive deflections on the performance of the structure at service load levels. Potential problems associated with excessive deflections are well known and include: damage to nonstructural elements such as partitions and windows; jamming of doors and windows, gaps between partitions and floors and between columns and floors; improper operation of equipment; and visual perception of sagging floors and ceilings.

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