Blast Resistance of Concrete

Blast resistance is the ability of a material to withstand blast pressure from an explosion. Blast resistance design involves determining the kind and degree of resistance a structure needs as well as how to specify the required materials and details. A structural element subjected to a blast loading exhibits a higher strength than a similar element subjected to a static loading. This increase in the strength is attributed to the rapid rates of strain that occur in dynamically loaded structures. Thus, the dynamic ultimate resistance of an element subjected to a blast load is greater than its static resistance.


Advanced Modeling of Blast Response of Reinforced Concrete Walls with and without FRP Retrofit

by Tarek H. Kewaisy, Louis Berger, and Ahmed Khalil

Unified Performance-Based Blast-Resistant Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Insulated Wall Panels

by Matthew Gombeda, Clay Naito, Spencer Quiel

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