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How is the shrinkage of concrete determined?

Q. How is the shrinkage of concrete determined?


A. To minimize cracking in elements and curling of slabs, shrinkage testing of concrete is recommended (ACI 209R, ACI 302.1R). The most widely used test is ASTM C157, measuring the change in the length of beams. Also, a ring test exists that measures the time to cracking when concrete is restrained by the steel ring (AASHTO T 334). These methods are not indicative of the actual shrinkage in the structure because of the effects of size, restraint, and exposure conditions (see ACI 209R).


References: SP-1(02); 209.1R-05; 302.1R-15; AASHTO T 334; ASTM C157

Topics in Concrete: Durability; Shrinkage; Testing of Concrete

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