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What is the importance of curing on strength?

Q. What is the importance of curing on strength?


A. Concrete can usually continue to gain in strength for a long period, provided the temperature and moisture conditions are favorable for the formation of the binder and that the originally mixing-water-filled space is available (ACI PRC-308). Thus, any statement concerning strength should specifically state or imply a particular environment. The effect of temperature conditions on the strength development of concrete is also given in ACI PRC-305 and ACI PRC 306.


References: SP-1(02); ACI PRC 308-16; ACI 209R-92; ACI 302.1R-15; ACI PRC-305-20; ACI 305.1-14(20); ACI 306R-16

Topics in Concrete: Concrete Fundamentals; Cold Weather; Curing; Hot Weather; Placing

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