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How is concrete placed?

Q. How is concrete placed?


A. Placement of concrete is accomplished with buckets, hoppers, manual or motor propelled buggies, chutes and drop pipes, conveyor belts, pumps, tremies, and paving equipment (ACI 304R, ACI 304.2R, ACI 304.3R, ACI 304.4R). Another effective placement technique for both mortar and concrete is the shotcrete process, in which thin layers are applied pneumatically where forming is inconvenient or impractical, access or location provides difficulties, or normal casting techniques cannot be employed (ACI 506).


References: SP-1(02); ACI 304R-00; ACI 304.2R-17; ACI 304.3R-96; ACI 304.4R-20; ACI 506R-16

Topics in Concrete: Concrete Fundamentals; Consolidation; Placing; Shotcrete

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