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Why is Type IV cement rarely produced and Type V cement rarely used?

Q. What changes in American practice have been made that explain why Type IV cement is rarely produced and why so few Type V cements are used?


A. Type IV cement is generally not available in the United States, and Type V cement is not widely produced in the United States because there are more efficient ways of controlling temperature and sulfate attack through the use of pozzolans and slag that have become widely available (ACI 201.2R).


References:  SP-1(02)ACI 225R-19; ACI 201.1R-08; ACI 207.1R-05; SP-221; ACI 232.2R-03; ACI 233R-03E3-13; ASTM C150

Topics in Concrete: Cementitious MaterialConcrete Fundamentals; Pozzolans; Fly Ash; Slag

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