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The contents of this course include three recorded presentations from the ACI Spring and Fall 2015 Conventions:

• High-Strength, High-Performance Iconic Supertall Towers: Trump Tower, Chicago, USA; Cayan Tower, Dubai, UAE; Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE by Bradley S. Young

• The Storebaelt Link—First Major Use of Ternary Blend Concrete—1 Million Cubic Meters by Robert C. Lewis

• Burj Khalifa—A New High for High-Performance SCC by James M. Aldred

INSTRUCTIONS: Study the materials included in this module. Then, complete and pass the corresponding 10-question quiz with a score of 80% or higher to receive a certificate for 0.1 CEU (equivalent to 1.0 PDH). This online course is not approved for credit with the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (CILB).

Continuing Education Credit: 0.1 CEU (1 PDH)

Approved by AIA (LU/HSW) and ICC

Access Period: 180 days

This course is included in the Fundamentals of Concrete Construction Certificate Program. Completion of all courses in an ACI University Certificate Program will earn you a program certificate and digital badge. For more details, visit ACI University Certificate Programs.


High-performance concrete construction such as 100-year planned service life concrete structures in harsh marine environments – namely open sea vehicle bridges and recent building of supertall concrete high rise buildings – are discussed in this course. High-rise buildings and 100-year service life long-span bridges thought to be unachievable decades ago are now achievable through the use of high-strength, high-performance, and high-durability concrete made with quality materials, ternary blended cements, and chemical admixtures. The construction completion in 2009 of the 2900-foot high Burj Khalifa supertall high-rise (mostly reinforced concrete) in Dubai, UAE is an anomaly in today’s concrete construction that may become a trend due to high-performance concrete.

High-strength, high-durability, high-performance concrete is achievable mainly through careful use of concrete mixture components, such as high-quality aggregates, synergetic properties of blended cements, and the use of admixtures to improve durability, pumpability, flowability, and finishability. Producing mixtures with these materials enables construction of supertall concrete structures and enables pumping concrete to elevated floors, and placing concrete (mostly self-consolidated concrete) through highly congested, heavily reinforced members. High-performance concrete also means high-durability concrete that resists the effects of chloride exposure, freezing and thawing, thermal expansion, and other attacks. Low permeability combined with high strength concrete resists moisture penetration far greater than normal strength portland cement concrete.

Supertall structures that are discussed in this course are the Trump Tower, Chicago – 12th world tallest structure; Infinity Tower – now known as ‘Cayan Tower’; Dubai Marina – world’s tallest twisting tower constructed using ‘stepped’ concrete columns with high rebar congestion; and Burj Khalifa (2009) – world’s tallest building.

Long-span 100-year planned durable concrete bridges discussed in this course include: Storebaelt Bridge and Tunnel, Denmark; Oresund Connection Bridge and Tunnel between Denmark and Sweden; Bondra-Worle Sea Link Bridge, Mambai, India; and Shanghi East Sea Bridge, China.


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Publication Year: 2017


Formats: Online Learning

Table of Contents

Learning Objectives

1. Discuss properties of concrete mixtures and the role of admixtures in placing long service life marine structures or bridges that are exposed to harsh environments.

2. Explain the advantages of ternary blends in both marine construction projects and the use of these blends in supertall concrete building construction.

3. Explain advantages of using self-consolidating concrete through supertall building concrete members.

4. Explain the advantages of performing pumping tests prior to final pumping operations in delivering concrete to elevated members in supertall structures.


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