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Title: SP-145: Durability of Concrete -- Proceedings Third CANMET - ACI Intl Conf (Nice, France 1994)

Author(s): Editor: V.M. Malhotra

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 145


Appears on pages(s): 1,224


DOI: 10.14359/14185

Date: 5/1/1994

SP-145 In 1994, The Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET) in association with the America Concrete Institute, sponsored a third international conference on the Durability of Concrete This Special ACI publication presents the 65 conference papers accepter for publication. For Your Convenience, Durability of Concrete has been divided into two parts. Part 1, which contains 34 papers, covers the areas of: 1. Deicer Salt Scaling of Concrete 2. Freezing and Thawing Phenomenon 3. Performance of Concrete in Marine Environments 4. Corrosion of Steel to Fluoride-Ion Attach 5. And other Topics Part 2, containing 31 papers, covers the areas of: 1. Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity 2. Coatings for Concrete 3. Carbonation 4. High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete 5. Durability of Concrete


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