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Mass Concrete

June 6, 2023 to June 6, 2023
Starting Time:   1:00 EST
End Time:   2:00 EST

38800 Country Club Dr
Farmington Hills , MI   United States
Sponsor(s): ACI

For many projects, increases to design concrete strength and schedule requirements for accelerated construction create a need for achieving strength at earlier ages. At the same time, many portions of concrete structures have also become larger to meet the demands of more advanced projects. Concrete hydration is exothermic, meaning it generates heat. Bigger elements with more cementitious materials mean more heat. This combination of conditions can create significant challenges during construction, including potentially affecting the structural integrity and creating durability issues if not addressed ahead of time.

This webinar will cover recent changes to ACI PRC-207.1R-21 Mass Concrete – Guide, published in early 2022. The guide reflects the latest technical guidance on mass concrete knowledge and best practices. The guide includes numerous updates to help practically address common mass concrete issues. This webinar will also discuss the technical principles for these updates.
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