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Free Sustainability Outreach Program

The following books area available, free of charge, as a part of ACI's Sustainability Outreach Program are:

The Sustainable Concrete Guide – Strategies and Examples

The first-ever comprehensive resource on concrete and sustainability, this book provides insight on specific strategies for the best use of concrete in high-performance, long-lasting, green buildings. Included are case studies, technical data and references, and numerous practices that can be implemented immediately.

The Sustainable Concrete Guide – Applications

A companion resource to The Sustainable Concrete Guide—Strategies and Examples, The Sustainable Concrete Guide—Applications provides readers with specific sustainable benefits of concrete’s various applications to assist in selecting/specifying concrete materials and products. Also included are tips and case studies on specifying concrete materials, constructing for sustainability, integrating into sustainable structures, and navigating green codes and standards.

Hard copies and PDFs are available

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**** The Sustainability Outreach Program will provide a total of 2,000 hard copies of each book per year to universities, free of charge. Once the maximum of 2,000 books is reached, both books are always available for purchase at the ACI Bookstore. Distribution of the PDF versions of each book is unlimited.

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