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Bring ACI training and education expertise right to your doorstep by scheduling a custom seminar for your employees, customers, or members.

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What Is Included?

Your investment for a custom seminar covers all development and speaker expenses for a one-day (7.5 hours) or two-day (15 hours) seminar. All seminars can be customized for the expected audience that may include engineers, architects, constructors, specifiers, material suppliers, and others who are part of the concrete design and construction community.

What Do You Need to Provide?

To assure a successful seminar experience, you should provide: a suitable meeting space, audio-visual equipment (slide, LCD, overhead projector), projection screen, microphone, and laser pointer; refreshments for lunch and scheduled breaks; and any reference materials you wish to provide the attendees.

Videotaping Seminar

ACI and the Instructors have invested a great deal of time and money into producing the intellectual property. This includes developing the seminar content, lectures, PowerPoint slide presentation, and Attendee Lecture Notes.

ACI will not allow the seminar to be video taped. Nor will ACI allow the seminar handouts to be used as part of, or in conjunction with, any other continuing education program. The seminars offered by ACI and the seminar handouts will remain the intellectual property of ACI.

Seminar Instructors

Usually, two instructors will be assigned to teach your custom seminar. All ACI instructors are recognized experts in their fields and are intimately familiar with the basis for the technologies they teach.

Seminar Scheduling

Most seminars can be scheduled within 60 days of receiving your Notice to Proceed. If significant changes to the usual seminar program format or content are required, additional time may be needed to accommodate specific needs.

Professional Development Hours (PDH)
and Continuing Education Units (CEU)

Custom seminars are a great way to get the training and continuing education credits your employees need, without the added expense of travel and extended time away from the office. PDHs are increasingly being required as a condition of maintaining Professional Engineer status. The CEU is an internationally recognized unit measuring accomplishment through continuing education. Attendees at ACI one-day seminars are eligible to receive 7.5 PDHs (0.75 CEUs). Two-day seminars are worth 15.0 PDHs (1.5 CEUs).

Training & Reference Materials

The purchase of speaker lecture notes at an additional charge of $20.00 for each attendee is required. The speaker lecture notes serve as an excellent reference resource and give the attendee a place to take notes. 

The purchase of related ACI publications for all attendees is recommended, and a substantial discount (up to 50%) is available. The cost of related ACI publications is in addition to the seminar fee.


Seminar fees start at $7,900 ($8,900 for ACI 318-14 Building Code) for a one-day seminar. Fees are proportionately higher for multiple-day seminars. Additional fees may be required if significant modification to the course content is requested. Contact ACI for pricing on customized seminars. For video conferences that are transmitted to more than one site, there will be an additional $500 charge for each site. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Organizational Membership Offer

All companies that host a custom seminar will receive a free one-year ACI Organizational Membership.

All current ACI Organizational and Sustaining Members will receive $1,000.00 off a custom seminar.

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ACI is an AIA approved education provider.


See specific ACI program or course for eligibility.

To have your continuing education credits reported to the state of Florida, please email your name, license number, and your course completion certificate to Eva Korzeniewski.