Technical Questions

ACI Committees, Membership, and Staff have answered common questions on a variety of concrete related topics.

Question: Curing and curling of concrete slabs over vapor retarders

Question: Increasing the load capacity of a slab-on-ground using an overlay

Question: Tolerances for concrete slabs supporting steel tanks

Question: Slabs-on-ground

Question: Two-way slabs design, ACI 318 vs. FEM

Question: Consolidation of concrete—required or not?

Question: Placement of welded wire reinforcement (WWR) in a slab-on-ground

Question: Cleaning slabs during tilt-up construction

Question: Determining the cause of a crack

Question: Curing Cylinders for Acceptance Testing

Question: Tolerances for floors supporting operable partitions

Question: Vapor barriers

Question: Design of Slabs-on-ground

Question: Acceptable concrete cracking

Question: Air tests for non-air-entrained concrete

Question: What nominal maximum sizes of aggregate are recommended?

Question: Painting the floor

Question: Shear Design Provisions in ACI 318-19

Question: What are shrinkage-compensating expansive cement and concrete?

Question: Curling, shrinkage, and w/cm

Question: Difference between a contraction joint, isolation joint, expansion joint, construction joint, and a cold joint

Question: Substantial structural damage

Question: Decorative concrete finishes

Question: Minimum concrete cover for balconies with PT cables

Question: Heat of hydration and the importance of controlling it

Question: The effect of joints on the durability of concrete structures

Question: The importance of proper drainage

Question: Improving the abrasion resistance of concrete

Question: What is the purpose of finishing and texturing concrete surfaces?

Question: When can the finishing procedure be started?

Question: What is curing?

Question: How is the abrasion resistance of concrete determined?

Question: How is the shrinkage of concrete determined?

Question: Popouts or popoffs?

Question: Governing version of ACI 318

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