Technical Questions

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Question: What water-cementitious material ratio should be used for a particular job when strength requirements are to govern?

Question: Definition of concrete, hydraulic cement, mortar, and grout

Question: Material Requirements for Mass Concrete

Question: Materials used to produce portland cement

Question: What is a pozzolan?

Question: Pozzolans in mass concrete

Question: What is an admixture?

Question: How can it be determined that an admixture will serve its intended purpose?

Question: What allowance should be made for strengths where air-entrained concrete is to be used?

Question: Curling, shrinkage, and w/cm

Question: Hardening of hydraulic cement

Question: The difference between setting and hardening

Question: Heat of hydration and the importance of controlling it

Question: What is slag cement or ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS)

Question: Benefits of using slag cement

Question: What does a pozzolan do in the concrete?

Question: Using and handling pozzolans

Question: The effect of pozzolans on water demand

Question: The effect of maximum size of aggregate on concrete strength

Question: Mixture design and strength submittals

Question: What is calcium-aluminate cement?

Question: Curing and curling of concrete slabs over vapor retarders

Question: Using cube tests in lieu of cylinder tests

Question: Definition of setting time

Question: Measurement of setting time

Question: The making of portland cement

Question: The purpose of calcium sulfate (gypsum)

Question: Factors affecting cement properties

Question: Definition of “hot cement”

Question: Importance of using pozzolans in hydraulic and environmental structures

Question: Are pozzolans all alike?

Question: The effect of pozzolans on shrinkage

Question: What is a natural pozzolan?

Question: What are blended cements?

Question: What are shrinkage-compensating expansive cement and concrete?

Question: Why is combined aggregate grading used?

Question: The effect of aggregate shape on concrete strength

Question: The effect of aggregate grading on concrete strength

Question: Do different admixtures of a given type always perform the same?

Question: The most important single factor affecting compressive strength

Question: Consolidation of concrete—required or not?

Question: How to Control Mass Concrete Temperature during Construction

Question: Joint deterioration mechanism and prevention

Question: Chloride concentration in soil and exposure classes

Question: What is mass concrete?

Question: The effect of pozzolans on freezing and thawing resistance

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