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Question: Alternative methods for measuring crack width

Question: Acceptable concrete cracking

Question: Embedded metals other than reinforcing steel

Question: What are shrinkage-compensating expansive cement and concrete?

Question: Curling, shrinkage, and w/cm

Question: Increasing the load capacity of a slab-on-ground using an overlay

Question: Difference between a contraction joint, isolation joint, expansion joint, construction joint, an...

Question: Determining the cause of a crack

Question: Heat of hydration and the importance of controlling it

Question: How should the concrete be consolidated to obtain a complete filling of the forms and around the...

Question: What is mass concrete?

Question: Using core strength to calculate compressive strength of an existing structure

Question: Maximum temperature limits for hot-weather concreting

Question: Does additional curing improve the properties of concrete in other ways than in strength?

Question: What is curing?

Question: Water Curing Mass Concrete Structures

Question: How can the effectiveness of curing be measured?

Question: How is the shrinkage of concrete determined?

Question: The effect of joints on the durability of concrete structures

Question: What steps are taken in the repair of concrete structures?

Question: Are any temperature limitations necessary in curing concrete in hot weather?

Question: What fibers are used in concrete?

Question: Reinforced concrete vs. prestressed concrete

Question: Protecting against excessive expansion due to alkali-aggregate reaction (AAR)

Question: Do we always need to repair cracked concrete?

Question: What is D-cracking?

Question: Specialty admixtures

Question: Can the heat liberated by the hydrating cement be relied on to give protection during cold weather?

Question: Pozzolans in mass concrete

Question: The effect of pozzolans on shrinkage

Question: Characteristics of aggregate affecting concrete strength

Question: Minimum Dimension of a Structure

Question: Definition of “hot cement”

Question: Is there any measure of the completeness or adequacy of curing?

Question: What other uses are there for the pulse velocity?

Question: Temperature limits for mass concrete

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