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Standard on detailing of concrete reinforcement

Q. I have been informed that ACI 315-99, Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement, has been superseded. Which ACI document serves as a replacement to this standard?


A. ACI 315-99 has been withdrawn and replaced by ACI 315R-18, Guide to Presenting Reinforcing Steel Design Details. This new document provides guidance to designers on presenting reinforcing steel design details so that a reinforcing steel detailer can prepare fabrication details and placing drawings. However, as a guide, ACI 315R-18 is not written in a mandatory language and you cannot simply cite the document in the project specification. If you need to refer to specific sections of the document, you must copy them into the construction documents and convert the text into mandatory language.


References:  ACI 315R-18; MNL-66(20)

Topics in Concrete:  Detailing; Design

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