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Cleaning slabs during tilt-up construction

Q. Does ACI provide recommendations on cleaning concrete slabs during tilt-up construction?


A. ACI 551.1R-14 discusses this topic. Section 6.2.2 states that “some form of cleaning may be necessary to ensure complete removal of all bond breaker residue.” While it recommends contacting “the bond breaker manufacturer for specific cleaning recommendations,” it also notes that cleaning may be difficult:

“Bond breaker residue on casting slab and wall panel surfaces can be difficult to remove depending on the type of product used and how heavy it was applied. Residue from wax-containing bond breakers is virtually impossible to completely remove, which may result in compatibility concerns with subsequently applied liquid floor treatments, floor coverings, and wall paints and coatings.”


References:  ACI 551.1R-14

Topics in Concrete:  Tilt-Up

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