Water Curing Mass Concrete Structures

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Water Curing Mass Concrete Structures

Q. Is water curing permitted by ACI 301 for mass concrete structures?


A. ACI 301 “Specifications for Structural Concrete” only allows the use of water-retention sheeting materials or membrane-forming curing compounds for curing mass concrete structures (water curing is not allowed).

Although concrete is generally best cured with water, the temperature of the water used for curing becomes a concern in mass concrete. If the temperature of water used for curing mass concrete is lower than the temperature of the concrete surface, the water will cool the concrete surface; this might create a thermal gradient (between the surface and the inner core) large enough to cause thermal cracking.


References: ACI 301-16; ACI 207.1R-05; ACI 207.2R-07; ACI 207.4R-05

Topics in Concrete: Mass Concrete; Specifications; Curing

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