Material Requirements for Mass Concrete

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Material Requirements for Mass Concrete

Q. Are there any special material requirements for mass concrete?


A. According to ACI 301 “Specifications for Structural Concrete”, mass concrete structures shall comply with all the general requirements of concrete structures (sections 1 to 5) as well as additional requirements pertaining to the type of cement and cementitious materials used in the mixture. Unless otherwise specified by the designer, ACI 301 requires the usage of a hydraulic cement with moderate to low heat-of-hydration properties or the usage of a portland cement with Class F fly ash, slag cement, or both. ACI 301 does not permit the use of Type III or ASTM C1157 HE cement in mass concrete structures.

Note that ACI 301 does not have any requirements on the quantity of materials (particularly cement) that can be used in a concrete mixture. However, since the quantity of cementitious materials is directly related to the maximum temperature in concrete, ACI 207.1R “Guide to Mass concrete”, recommends reducing the cementitious content of mass concrete mixtures and adjusting other ingredients to meet this goal.


References: ACI 301-16; ACI 207.1R-05; ACI 207.2R-07; ACI 207.4R-05

Topics in Concrete: Mass Concrete; Specifications

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