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Painting the floor

Q. I am considering pulling up the carpet on the concrete slab and just painting the floor. I have also heard of stamped concrete but know very little about it, how could either be done?


A. Stamped concrete is a technique done while the concrete is being placed and is still malleable. Since your concrete is already in place, coloring may be something you would like to look into. There are stains, dyes, and acid etching that can be done that can make some stunning designs. We have a colorful book on the topic that explains the process and techniques titled, Guide to Decorative Concrete (ACI 310R). This book can be purchased through our bookstore or you can search the internet for pictures “stained concrete floor” or “dyed concrete floor”. If you like this idea, call a local decorative concrete contractor for a ideas and a quote.


References: ACI 310R-19

Topics in Concrete: Decorative Concrete; Slab, Concrete

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