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Substantial structural damage

Q. Substantial structural damage described in 4.4 of ACI CODE 562 seem to pertain only to walls and columns. Does one have to determine "substantial structural damage" for beams, joists, girders, or slabs?


A. To determine whether or not a structure sustained “substantial structural damage”, the engineer needs to check that the capacity of vertical members (columns and walls) satisfy equations 4.4.2, 4.4.3a and 4.4.3b.  Damage to other members such as beams and slabs need to be addressed when the structure is repaired; however, damage to these members is not accounted for when determining whether or not a structure is substantially damaged. 


References: ACI CODE-562-21; MNL-3(20)

Topics in Concrete: Design of Concrete; Repair of Concrete

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