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ACI code for evaluating existing buildings prior to repair

Q. Which ACI code, ACI 318 or ACI 562, should be used for an evaluation of an existing building prior to its repair?

A. At the start of a repair project, the Licensed Design Professional should review the general building code to determine the design basis code for repair projects. The general building code may contain specific requirements for evaluation and repair of existing structures. Existing buildings are generally defined as buildings that have a certificate of occupancy or are complete and in active use.

Although they are different from each other, both ACI 318 and ACI 562 are applicable for evaluation of an existing building prior to repair. While ACI 318 was developed to provide minimum design requirements for new concrete structures, ACI 562 was specifically created as a performance-based code for evaluation of existing structures prior to repair. However, because ACI 562 references ACI 318 extensively for structural repair design procedures, the documents complement each other and both can be used for evaluation of an existing building prior to repair.

One difference between ACI 318 and ACI 562 is in requirements for load testing. Chapter 27 of ACI 318 covers strength evaluation of existing structures and has been used successfully for many years. It’s still a viable option. ACI 562 refers to ACI 437 for load testing provisions. ACI 437 is a new standard that represents the next generation of load testing and was specifically developed to work with ACI 562. The testing requirements in ACI 318 and ACI 437 differ in the load magnitude and duration of load application. Both are acceptable means of strength evaluation.

In summary, both ACI 318 and ACI 562 can be used for evaluation of existing concrete buildings prior to repair. Both documents contain important information needed for the evaluation of existing structures and for developing durable repair strategies.


References: ACI 318-19; ACI 562-21; MNL-3(20); ACI 437.2-13

Topics in Concrete: 318 Building Code; Repair of Concrete; Testing of Concrete

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