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Do we always need to repair cracked concrete?

Q. Do we always need to repair cracked concrete?


A. Cracks in concrete have many causes and effects. The cracks may affect appearance only, or they may indicate significant structural distress or a lack of resistance to degradation in the environment of service (ACI 224.1R). Cracks may represent the total extent of the damage, or they may point to problems of greater magnitude. Their significance depends on the type of structure as well as the nature of the cracking; for example, cracks that are acceptable for buildings may not be acceptable in water-retaining structures. Cracks in parking garages or bridge structures may facilitate the intrusion of chlorides, initiating corrosion of steel reinforcement (ACI 345.1R, 362.1R). Crack repair is explained in ACI 224.1R, ACI 562, ACI 546R, and ACI 357R.


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