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Can you use any source of water as mixing water?

Q. Can you use any source of water as mixing water?


A. Any water that is potable (drinkable) is acceptable as mixing water. Some water that is not potable may also be suitable for concrete. Tests should be performed, however, to determine if desired properties can be achieved. Acceptance criteria for mixing water are given in ASTM C94. Impurities that make water not fit for drinking may affect the setting time, strength, appearance, and resistance to degradation. Relevant tests would indicate if unacceptable performance could occur. Salt water should not be used as mixing water in steel-reinforced concrete.


References: SP-1(02); ACI PRC-211.1-22; SP-2(07); ACI 201.2R-16; ASTM C94

Topics in Concrete: Durability; Mixture Proportioning

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