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What are blended cements?

Q. What are blended cements and do they have standard specifications?


A. ASTM C595 provides prescriptive-based specifications for specific blended cements that consist of portland-cement clinker ground or blended with suitable proportions of granulated blast-furnace slag or natural or artificial pozzolans. These include portland blast-furnace slag cement, Portland pozzolan cement, and slag cement. ASTM also provides a performance-based specification with no prescriptive requirements (ASTM C1157).


References: SP-1(02); ACI 225R-19; ACI PRC-232.1-12; ACI PRC-233-17 ; E3-13; ASTM C595; ASTM C1157

Topics in Concrete: Cementitious Material in Concrete; Materials in Concrete; Pozzolan

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