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Benefits of using slag cement

Q. What are the benefits of using slag cement?


A. The hydration products of slag cement are generally found to be more gel-like (less crystalline) than the products of hydration of portland cement; thus, they reduce the permeability of the cement paste (ACI 233R). Slags are used as a replacement of portland cement in amounts typically between 25 and 70% of the total mass of cementitious material. Slag concretes have improved long-term strengths even though their early strength development is lower than portland cement concretes. They also have lower permeability and improved durability. Slag cement generally costs less than portland cement.


References: SP-1(02); ACI 233R-03; E3-13 ; SP-221; ACI 225R-19; ACI CT-23; ASTM C989

Topics in Concrete: Slag in Concrete; Cementitious Material in Concrete; Materials in Concrete; Concrete Fundamentals

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