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The importance of concrete cover

Q. What is the importance of concrete cover over the reinforcement?


A. Concrete cover protects the steel from harmful influences such as aggressive solutions and fire. For example, chlorides penetrating into concrete initiate or accelerate the corrosion of the steel (ACI 201.2R, ACI 222R). Cover also provides protection against the wear caused by vehicle traffic on the roads or bridges and protection for steel against fire damage (ACI 216.1). During fire, concrete cover protects the reinforcement from reaching high temperatures too quickly.


References:  SP-1(02); ACI 201.2R-16; ACI 216.1-14(19); ACI 222.2R-14; ACI 222R-19; ACI 318-19; E2-00

Topics in Concrete: 318 Building Code; Concrete Fundamentals; Prestressed; Reinforcement

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