SP-096: Consolidation of Concrete

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This collection of 13 papers deals exclusively with the developments and methodologies of concrete consolidation, such as equipment, consolidation of pavements, effects of compaction on flexural behavior of fiber reinforced concrete, and properties of lean concrete subjected to vibrating compaction, and much more.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1987

Pages: 250

ISBN: 9780870317248

Categories: Consolidation

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Mechanical Equipment for Consolidation of Concrete,

by Ken Weden

-Consolidation of Concrete in Congested Areas at Darlington

N. G. S., by Dan Bonikowsky

-Need for Consolidation of Superplasticized Concrete Mixes,

by Lars Forssblad

-Consolidation of Continuously Reinforced Concrete

Pavement, by Mikael P. J. Olsen

-Compressive Strength of Compacted Portland Cement-Base

Mixtures Using Phosphogypsum, by Kuo-Ting Lin, Antonio Nanni,

and Wen F. Chang

-Compaction of Roller Compacted Concrete, by E. K. Schrader

-Tunnel Concrete--Consolidation Achieved by a Harmonic

Blend of Internal and External Vibration, by T. R. Harrell and

G. M. Goswick

-Why Vibrate? By H. A. Welton

-Effect of Degree of Consolidation on Some Important

Properties of Concrete, by D. Whiting, G. W. Seegebrecht,

and S. Tayabji

-Experimental Considerations on Judging Adequacy of

Consolidation in Fresh Concrete, by Makoto Kagaya,

Hiroshi Tokuda, and Makoto Kawakami

-Energy Requirements of Consolidation of Concrete During

Internal Vibration, by Mikael P. J. Olsen

-Compaction Effects on Flexural Behavior of Reinforced

Concrete, by Mitsuyasu Mashima

-Properties of Double-Mixed Lean Concrete Subject to

Vibrating Compaction, by K. Iida and S. Horigome


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