SP-083: Innovative Cement Grouting

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A study and report on the application and use of cement grouting techniques. Includes chapters on: the use of condensed silica fume in grouts; design and grouting of a concrete lined high pressure tunnel; changes in length and volume of cementitious grouts; drilled pier foundation rehabilitation; acoustic emissions as a nondestructive testing method; low slump compactive tail shield grouting in soft ground; bentonite effect on pumpability of compaction grouts; ultrafine cement pressure grouting; and cold weather cement grouting and post tensioning.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1984

Pages: 184

ISBN: 9780870317132

Categories: Grouting

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-The Use of Condensed Silica Fume in Grouts, by

Pierre-Claude Aitcin, G. Ballivy, and R. Parizeau

- Design and Prestress Grouting of a Concrete Lined

High Pressure Tunnel at Drakensberg, by Luigi P. Gonano

and John C. Sharp

- Changes in Length and Volume of Cementitious Grouts,

by Della M. Roy, M. Perez, B. E. Scheetz, and P. H. Licastro

- Drilled Pier Foundation Rehabilitation Using Cement

Grouting, by Charles V. Logie

- Uses of Acoustic Emissions as a Non-Destructive Testing

Method to Monitor Grouting, by Robert M. Koerner,

James D. Leaird, and Joseph P. Welsh

- Low Slump Compactive Tail Shield Grouting in Soft Ground,

Shield Driven Tunnels, by John G. Ruggiero

- Influence of Bentonite Cement on the Pumpability of

Compaction Grouts, by Roy Borden and Daniel M. Groome

- Ultrafine Cement Pressure Grouting to Control Ground

Water in Fractured Granite Rock, by David W. Moller,

Henry L. Minch, and Joseph P. Welsh

- Cold Weather Cement Grouting and Post Tensioning--Hauser

Lake Dam, Montana, by Peter Yen


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