SP-074: Monolithic Refractories

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Proceedings of the second ACI sponsored Refractory Concrete Symposium. Ten papers are presented. Topics include advances in refractory concrete technology; problems and solutions in using these materials as liners in coal gasification equipment, aluminum melting and holding, refining and petrochemical operations, and steelmaking; nondestructive testing and evaluation; and repair techniques.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1982

Pages: 168

ISBN: 9780870317422

Categories: Refractory Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Recent Advances in Refractory Concrete Technology by Wate T. Bakker

-Castable Refractory Design Requirements by S.A. Bortz, R.F. Firestone, and M.J. Greaves

-Advances in NonDestructive Evaluation Methods for Inspection of Refractory Concretes by William A. Ellingson

-Rational Design with Monolothic Refractories by Timothy J. Fowler

-Analysis and Solution of Refractory Concrete Failure in a Sinter Plant Mist Separator by Richard Shultz

-How to Make Quality Refractories Fail by Wesley C. Lueking

-Performance of Refractory Concretes in Aluminum Heating and Holding Operations by Richard G. LaBar

-Refractory Problems and Repair Techniques in Refining and Petrochemical Operations by M.S. Crowley

-Premature Failures with Monolithic Refractories: The Manufacturer's Viewpoint by Robert E. Fisher

-Repairing Monolithic Refractory Failures by I. Leon Glassgold.


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