SP-54: Shotcrete for Ground Support

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Proceedings of the 1976 Engineering Foundation Conference on shotcrete. A compilation of 49 papers from 11 sessions. The major topics include: materials, field control, equipment and processes, payment provisions, design, case histories, and performance.


Document Details


Publication Year: 1976

Pages: 766


Categories: Shotcrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Opening Remarks

Keynote Address

Recent Research on Shotcrete by the US Army Corps of Engineers

Properties of Shotcrete on Construction Projects

Properties of Shotcrete Admixtures

An European Accelerator Manufacturer's Views

Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete Ririe Dam and Little Goose (CPRR) Relocation

Admixtures for Shotcrete

Shotcrete Strength Testing - Comparing Results of Various Specimens

Wastewater Treatment During Tunnel Construction on Bureau of Reclamation Projects

Evaluation of Shotcrete Application Under Field Conditions

A Practical New Approach to Shotcrete Rebound Losses

Review of Dry-Mix Coarse-Aggregate Shotcrete as Underground

Shotcrete as an Integreal Part of Shaft Construction

Developments in Shotcrete Equipment

Remote Shotcrete Lining of Raised Shafts

Shotcrete: Wet or Dry Process

Shotcrete Equipment

Swedish Shotcrete Equipment and Developments in Fibrous Shotcrete

Shotcrete Payment Provisions, A Contractor's View

Payment Provisions for Shotcrete as Seen by the Owner

Payment Provision as Seen by the Owner

Payment Provisions for Shotcrete as Seen by the Owner

Payment for Shotcrete from the Construction Management Viewpoint

The Application of Shotcrete in the NATM (Operating equipment, payment provisions and practical example)

The New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) Thoretical background - practical experience)

Station Design for the Washington Metro System

Soft Gound Tunnel for the Munich Metro

Shotcrete for Ground Support Past Experience of EDF

Structural Behavior of Thin Shotcrete Liners Obtained From Large Scale Tests

Thin Shotcrete Layers Subjected to Punch Loads

Shotcrete Application for the Seikan Tunnel

Sprayed Concrete: Tunnel Support Requirements and the Dry Mix Process

Construction of the Arlberg Road Tunnel East (Ate)

An Observation Approach to the Selection and Control of Rock Tunnel Linings

Contractors Experience with "The New Austrian Tunnelling Method" (Economy and Flexibility)

Shotcrete As Underground Support on the Arenal Hydroelectric Project in Costa Rica - Central America

Niagara Falls Tailrace Tunnel Rehabilitation - -Niagara Falls, NY

Experiences with the Use of Shotcrete in Soft Rocks

The Behavior During Construction of the DuPont Circle Subway Station Lining

Tunnel Instrumentation

Examples of the Behaviour of Shotcrete Linings Underground

Shotcrete For Ground Support Conference Summary


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