SP-346: Field Applications of Non-Conventional Reinforcing and Strengthening Methods for Bridges and Structures

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Sponsors: Sponsored by ACI Committee 345

Editors: Yail J. Kim, Steven Nolan, and Antonio Nanni



A Sustainable built-environment requires a comprehensive process from material selection through to reliable management. Although traditional materials and methods still dominate the design and construction of our civil infrastructure, nonconventional reinforcing and strengthening methods for concrete bridges and structures can address the functional and economic challenges facing modern society. The use of advanced materials, such as fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) and ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), alleviates the unfavorable aspects of every-day practices, offers many new opportunities, and promotes strategies that will be cost-effective, durable, and readily maintainable. Field demonstration is imperative to validate the innovative concepts and findings of laboratory research. Furthermore, documented case studies add value to the evaluation of emerging and maturing technologies, identify successful applications or aspects needing refinement, and ultimately inspire future endeavors. This Special Publication (SP) contains nine papers selected from three technical sessions held during the virtual ACI Fall Convention of October 2020. The first and second series of papers discuss retrofit and strengthening of super- and substructure members with a variety of techniques; and the remaining papers address new construction of bridges with internal FRP reinforcing and prestressing in beam, slabs, decks and retaining walls. All manuscripts were reviewed by at least two experts in accordance with the ACI publication policy. The Editors wish to thank all contributing authors and anonymous reviewers for their rigorous efforts. The Editors also gratefully acknowledge Ms. Barbara Coleman at ACI for her knowledgeable guidance.




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Author: Sponsored by ACI Committee 345

Pages: 142

ISBN: 9781641951302

Categories: Bridges, Design, Reinforcement, Slabs

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Table of Contents

SP- 346-1:

Application of UHPC 2.0TM for a Non-Conventional Reinforcing and Strengthening of a Reinforced Concrete Beam for Bridges and Structures

Authors: Peter W. Weber and Su Wang


SP- 346-2:

FRP Retrofitting and Non-Destructive Evaluation for Corrosion-Deteriorated Bridges in West Virginia

Authors: Wael Zatar, Hai Nguyen, and Hien Nghiem


SP- 346-3:

Impact Damage Retrofit of RC Bridge Girder Previously Retrofitted with CFRP Fabric

Authors: Abheetha Peiris and Issam Harik


SP- 346-4:

Shear Strengthening of Sunshine Skyway Bridge Trestle Spans Beams with CFRP

Author: Atiq H. Alvi


SP- 346-5:

Bridge Substructure repairs with Basalt, Carbon, & Glass FRP Internal Reinforcement

Author: Mohit Soni


SP- 346-6:

Effect of CFRP Strengthening on the Behavior of Older and Newer Bent Caps in a Widened Concrete Bridge

Authors: Yazan Almomani, Nur Yazdani, and Eyosias Beneberu


SP- 346-7:

Recent Canadian Developments related to Unconventional Reinforcing for Concrete Structures, Design Codes, and Applications in Buildings and Bridges

Authors: Brahim Benmokrane, Hamdy M. Mohamed, Khaled Mohamed, and Salaheldin Mousa


SP- 346-8:

US 41 over North Creek; FRP Reinforced Concrete Two-Span Flat Slab Bridge and CFRP-Prestressed Concrete/GFRP Reinforced Substructure and Bulkhead Wall System

Authors: Joseph Losaria, Steven Nolan, Andra Diggs II, and David Hartman


SP- 346-9:

6-Span CFRP-PC/GFRP-RC Bridge over Placido Bayou

Authors: Christopher Gamache, Ananda Bergeron, and Pooya Farahbakhsh



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