SP-034: Concrete for Nuclear Reactors

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Contains a presentation from the International Symposium "Concrete for Nuclear Reactors," held in Berlin in 1970 plus additional selected papers and discussions, and a 365-entry annotated bibliography on concrete for radiation shielding. Subjects include: what the designer needs to know; concrete strength under different states of stress; behavior under long-term thermal influences; effects of neutron irradiation; and future research and development.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1972


Categories: Nuclear

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Concrete For Radiation Shielding-In Perspective

Power Reactor Development and Prestressed Concrete Reactor Pressure Vessels

Concrete Containment: A 1970 Assessment

Preliminary Recommendation for Design, Making and Control of Radiation-Shielding Concrete Structures

Relevance of Concrete Property Research To Pressure Vessel Design

Practical Approach to the Design Philosophy of Prestressed Concrete Reactor Vessels: The Importance of Concrete Properties to PCRV Design

PCRV, Problems of Calculation, Material Properties and Evaluation of Results

Evaluation of the Influence of Some Concrete Characteristics on Non-Linear Behavior of a Prestressed Concrete Reactor Vessel

Discussion of Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Reactor Vessels

Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessels for Nuclear Reactors in Czechoslovakia

External Polygonal Prestressed Reinforcement with Multiple Intermediate Achorages

Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessels to Resist Shear

Strain and Ultimate Strength of Concrete Under Triaxial Stress

On a Triaxial Strength Criterium for Concrete

Concrete Strength in Multiaxial Stress States

Strength of Concrete Under Uniaxial Sustained Loading

Strength of Concrete Under Biaxial Sustained Load

Strength of Concrete Under Different States of Stress

An Analysis of the Factors Exerting Effect on Strength and Other Properties of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

Long Term Tests on the Effect of Moderate Heating on the Compressive Strength and Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete

Strength, Elasticity and Thermal Properties of Concrete Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

Strength and Inelastic Propertes of Concrete at Elevated Temperature

Cube and Prism Strength of Concretes at Elevated Temperatures

Effects of Elevated Temperature on the Properties of Concrete for the Containment and Shielding of Nuclear Reactors

Studies on the Technology of Concretes Under Thermal Conditions

Influence of High Temperatures on Strength and Deformation of Concrete

Variations in the Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson's Ratio with Temperature

Influence of Thermal Exposures on Mechanical Characteristics of Concrete

Experimental Determination of Poisson's Ratio for Creep

Creep of Concrete as a Function of Temperature

Effect of Temperature on Creep of Concrete; A Literature Review

Creep of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

Experimental Approach to Triaxial Creep at Elevated Temperatures

Effects of Temperature and Moisture on Triaxial Creep

Prediction of Multiaxial Creep From Uniaxial Creep Tests

An Experimental Study of Multiaxial Creep in Concrete

Behavior of Concrete Under Variable Temperature and Loading

Behavior of Flexurally Restrained Prestressed Concrete Beams Under Temperature Gradient

An Investigation of the Time-Dependent Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessels

Influence Factors of Elevated Temperatures on Thermal Properties and Inelastic Behavior of Concrete

A Note on the Moisture Condition of Concrete

Shrinkage, Moisture, and Pore Pressures in Heated Concrete

Water Migration in Concrete Under a Sustained Temperature Gradient

Dry Density of Concrete at Elevated Temperature

An Experimental Study of Moisture Migration in Concrete

The Effect of Temperature of the Drying of Concrete

A Preliminary Study on Thermal Moisture Transfer in Concrete

Thermos-Calorimeter for Concrete in Evaluation of Cements as to Heat Evolution

Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Expansion Coefficients of Concrete as a Function of Temperature and Humidty

Some Peculiarities and Results of Investigations of Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity of Heavy Concretes

Effects of Neutron Radiation on Special Concretes and Their Components

N - Reactor Shielding

Studies on Behavior of Concretes Under Irradiation

Applications of Heavy Concrete in Canada

Iron-Serpentine Concrete

Serpentine Concrete for Czehoslovakin A-2 Reactor Shielding

On Properties of Magnetite and Serpentine Concrete at Elevated Temperatures for Nuclear Reactor Shielding

On Grouting Mortar Fabrication and Properties, Grouting Procedures, and Grouting Mortar Interaction with Prestressing Cables

Corrosion Problems of the Prestressing Cable Steel for Nuclear Pressure Vessels: Its Protection and Preservation

To Grout or Not to Grout

Proof of Leakage Rate of a Concrete Reactor Building

Design Features and Concrete Requirements for a Vacuum Building at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

Design of an Apparatus for Short Time Testing of Concrete Under Triaxial Load

Instrumentation and Techniques for Study of Concrete Properties at Elevated Temperatures

Assessment of Intrumentation for Use in Prestressed Concrete Reactor Pressure Vessels

Radiometric Testing of Density of Concrete for Radiation Shielding

Concrete Behavior Under Combined Stresses Up to Failures: Test Results on Small Dimension Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessel Models

Testing of a Perforated Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessel Top Slab Model

Apparatus, Instrumentation, and Concrete Models of Bugey I Prestressed Concrete Pressure Vessel

Strain Behavior of the Oldbury Concrete Pressure Vessel Under Operation Pressure and Temperature

High Strength, High Density Concrete

Methods of Information Exchange in the Field of Prestressed Concrete Reactor Pressure Vessels

A General Approach to Concrete Technology Research


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