SP-337: Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures: Past, Present, and Future

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Sponsors & Editors: ACI Committee 357 – Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures, Mohammad S. Khan




Offshore and marine concrete structures have not received enough attention in the recent past, at least in the United States. The complexity and safety concerns associated with these structures are such that they probably need more attention compared to many other types of concrete structures. Also, offshore and marine concrete structures are so global in nature that there is a higher need for better coordination and synchronization of design, construction, inspection, and maintenance practices in different parts of the world.

A two-part session, titled “Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures: Past, Present, and Future,” was held at the Spring 2019 ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition on March 24-28 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The session, sponsored by ACI Committee 357, Offshore and Marine Concrete Structures, highlighted accomplishments of the past, current state-of-the-practice, and a path for the future. This ACI Special Publication (SP) is a compilation of select papers presented at the session. The efforts of all the reviewers in assuring the quality of this publication is greatly acknowledged.

Mohammad S. Khan, Ph.D. P.E.





Document Details

Pages: 143

ISBN: 9781641950930

Categories: Design, Marine Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Design and Construction Overview of Offshore Concrete Gravity-Based-Structures: Past, Present, and Future 1-20

Authors: Widianto, Jameel Khalifa, Erik Åldstedt, Kåre O. Hæreid, Kjell Tore Fosså


Hebron Offshore Concrete Gravity-Based-Structure: Novel Design and Construction Techniques 21-39

Authors: Widianto, Jameel Khalifa, Kåre O. Hæreid, Kjell Tore Fosså, Anton Gjørven


Barbours Cut Terminal - Container Port Wharf Expansion Design 40-57

Authors: Jeremiah D. Fasl and Carl J. Larosche


Testing and Inspection Techniques for Offshore and Marine Structures 58-77

Author: Mohammad S. Khan


Concrete Mix Design Development for Offshore Structures 78-88

Authors: Kjell Tore Fosså, Widianto


Performance of Concrete in a Harsh Marine Environment for 25 Years 89-100

Authors: Edward (Ted) Moffatt, Michael Thomas and Andrew Fahim


Importance of Structural Assessment before Rehabilitation Case Study: Waterfront Concrete Pier 101-116

Authors: Pericles C. Stivaros, Varoujan Hagopian, and Alan D. Pepin


LaGuardia Airport Design Build for Extending Runway Decks for Safety Area Improvements, Queens, NY 117-135

Authors: Anthony Devito, Alex Krutovskiy and Leszek Czajkowski


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