SP-327: The 13th International Symposium on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

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Editors: ACI Committee 440, Raafat El-Hacha, Lijuan (Dawn) Cheng, Maria Lopez de Murphy, William J. Gold


Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials been widely used in civil engineering new construction and repair of structures due to their superior properties. FRP provides options and benefits not available using traditional materials. The promise of FRP materials lies in their high-strength, lightweight, noncorrosive, nonconducting, and nonmagnetic properties. ACI Committee 440 has published reports, guides, and specifications on the use of FRP materials for may reinforcement applications based on available test data, technical reports, and field applications. The aim of these document is to help practitioners implement FRP technology while providing testimony that design and construction with FRP materials systems is rapidly moving from emerging to mainstream technology.

This volume represents the thirteen in the symposium series and could not have been put together without the help, dedication, cooperation, and assistance of many volunteers and ACI staff members. First, we would like to thank the authors for meeting our various deadlines for submission, providing an opportunity for FRPRCS-13 to showcase the most current work possible at the symposium. Second, the International Scientific Steering Committee, consisting of many distinguished international researchers, including chairs of past FRPRCS symposia, many distinguished reviewers and members of the ACI Committee 440 who volunteered their time and carefully evaluated and thoroughly reviewed the technical papers, and whose input and advice have been a contributing factor to the success of this volume.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2018

Pages: 890

ISBN: 9781641950466

Categories: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Advantages of Prepreg FRP Systems for Extending Service Life of Concrete Members in Wet Environments

Author: Erblina Vokshi


CFRP Repairing System at Openings in Reinforced Concrete T-Beams Cracked by Impact Loads

Authors: Nazar Oukaili and Abeer Al-Shammari


Novel Composites Jacket for Repair of Concrete Columns

Authors: Allan C. Manalo, Ali Abdulkareem Mohammed and Ginghis Maranan


Post-tensioned NSM CFRP for Upgrading Concrete Bridges: Modeling, Testing, and Field Application

Authors: Yail J. Kim, Hee Young Lee, Wonseok Chung, Jae-Yoon Kang, Jong-Sup Park and Woo-Tai Jung


Simulation of Delamination Failures in RC Members Strengthened with CFRP Rod Panels and CFRP Laminates

Authors: Akram Jawdhari and Issam Harik


Effect of GFRP Compression Reinforcement on Long-term Deflections

Authors: Stephanie L. Walkup, Eric S. Musselman and Shawn P. Gross


An Analytical Model to Predict Flexural Behavior of NSM FRP-Strengthened RC Beams Subject to Debonding Failure

Authors: Cheng Chen and Lijuan Cheng


Confinement Model for Concrete Columns Reinforced with GFRP Spirals

Author: Priyank P. Sankholkar and Chris P. Pantelides


Rapid Seismic Repair of Severely Damaged Concrete Columns with CFRP Shell

Author: Ruo-Yang Wu and Chris P. Pantelides


Seismic Performance of Interior GFRP-RC Beam-Column Joints

Authors: Shervin Khalili Ghomi and Ehab F. El-Salakawy


Nonlinear Angle-ply Model for Stay in Place Tubes by Inverse Mechanics Approach

Author: Hayder A. Rasheed


Assessment of Anchorage Methods and FRP Laminate Strengthening Configurations for URM Walls Under In-Plane Loadings

Authors: Nancy Torres, Gustavo Tumialan and Camilo Vega


Analytical Load-Deflection Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Girders Strengthened with FRP

Authors: Kimberly Waggle Kramer and Hayder A. Rasheed


Implementation of Closed GFRP Stirrups in FRP-RC Design of Traffic Barriers

Authors: Paolo Rocchetti, Guillermo Claure, Francisco De Caso and Antonio Nanni


Seismic Strengthening of RC Columns with Straight FRP Anchors

Authors: Enrique del Rey Castillo, Jason Ingham and Michael Griffith


Experimental Study on Full-scale Girders Strengthened with Prestressed NSM Tendons

Authors: Woo-tai Jung, Jong-sup Park, Jae-yoon Kang and Hee beom Park


Numerical Simulation of AFRP Rod NSM RC Beams under Falling-Weight Impact Loading

Authors: Masato Komuro, Yusuke Kurihashi, Tomoki Kawarai and Norimitsu Kishi


Influence of the Positioning of CFRP Laminates for Improving Punching Shear Capacity of Column-to-Slab Connections

Authors: Hikmatullah Akhundzada, Ted Donchev, Diana Petkova and Abdul Mahbob Samsoor


Confinement of Concrete Elements with FRCM Composites: What Do We Know So Far?

Authors: Jaime Gonzalez-Libreros, Cristian Sabau, Lesley H. Sneed, Carlo Pellegrino and Gabriel Sas


ACI 440.2R and the New Seismic Strengthening Guidelines using FRP

Authors: Pedro Silva and Ravi Kanitkar


A Design Approach for FRP Anchors in FRP-strengthened RC Structures

Authors: Enrique del Rey Castillo, Jason M. Ingham, Scott T. Smith, Ravi Kanitkar and Michael C. Griffith


Masonry Walls Reinforced with FRP Bars Subjected to Out-of-Plane Loading

Authors: Gustavo Tumialan, Nancy Torres, Alfonso Quintana and Antonio Nanni


Statistical Characterization of Unidirectional Tensile Strength of FRP Composites

Authors: Yihua Zeng, Robby Caspeele, Stijn Matthys and Luc Taerwe


Strengthening Short Concrete Columns Using Longitudinally Bonded CFRP Laminates

Authors: Koosha Khorramian and Pedram Sadeghian


Enhancing FRP-to-Concrete Bond Behavior by Epoxy Ribs

Authors: Cheng Jiang, Baolin Wan and John Omboko


Testing and Finite Element Analysis of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Frame Joints

Authors: Nader Sleiman, Ryan Barrage, Graeme J. Milligan and Maria Anna Polak


Size Effect in FRP RC Beams with and without Shear Reinforcement

Authors: Szymon Cholostiakow, Matteo Di Benedetti, Maurizio Guadagnini and Emanuele Zappa


Strengthening of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Externally Bonded Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Authors: Salah Altoubat, Abdul Saboor Karzad and Mohamed Maalej


Development of a Photovoltaic Integrated Insulated Concrete Sandwich Panel

Authors: Mostafa Yossef, An Chen and Austin Downey


Behavior of Beams Strengthened with Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Mortar in Bending

Authors: Trevor N. S. Billows and Ahmad Rteil


Shear Strengthening of RC Beams with NSM FRP — Influencing Parameters and A Theoretical Model

Authors: Amir Mofidi, Lijuan Cheng, Omar Chaallal and Yixin Shao


Evaluation of FRP and FRCM Composites for the Strengthening of Reinforced Masonry Walls

Authors: Zuhair A. Al-Jaberi, John J. Myers and Mohamed A. ElGawady


A Hybrid FRP-Reinforced Slab-on-Truss Girder System for Short and Medium Span Bridges

Authors: Mamdouh El-Badry, Mohammad Moravvej and Parham Joulani


Case-Specific Parametric Analysis as Research-Directing Tool for Analysis and Design of GFRP-RC Structures

Authors: Marco Rossini, Eleonora Bruschi, Fabio Matta, Carlo Poggi and Antonio Nanni


Evaluation and Classification of Anchorage Systems Used to Enhance the Flexural Performance of FRP Strengthened Concrete Members

Authors: Robin Kalfat, Jeremy Gadd, Riadh Al-Mahaidi and Scott T. Smith


Bond Behaviour of CFRP Bars Prestressed in Self-Consolidating Concrete Beams

Authors: Slamah S. Krem and Khaled A. Soudki


Meso-Scale Concrete Model for Failure Simulation in Glass FRP Reinforced Concrete Structures

Authors: Sina Khodaie and Fabio Matta


Review of FRCM Strengthening Solutions for Structural Wall Panels

Authors: Cristian Sabau, Cosmin Popescu, Gabriel Sas, Thomas Blanksvärd and Björn Täljsten


Column-Footing Connection Evaluation of Hollow-Core Composite Bridge Columns

Authors: Mohanad M. Abdulazeez, Ahmed Gheni, Omar I. Abdelkarim and Mohamed A. ElGawady


Flexural Behavior of GFRP-UFC Composite Beams under Moderately High Temperature

Authors: Isuru Sanjaya Kumara Wijayawardane and Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi


Effect of Surface Characteristics of FRP Bars on Bond Behavior in Concrete

Authors: Sándor Sólyom, Matteo Di Benedetti and György L. Balázs


Durability of GFRP Reinforcement in Seawater Concrete

Authors: Morteza Khatibmasjedi and Antonio Nanni


Shear Strengthening of Concrete Bridges using CFRP Strips and Anchors and Quality Control Procedures

Authors: Wassim M. Ghannoum, Nawaf K. Alotaibi, Jose Garcia, Chang Hyuk Kim, Yungon Kim, Douglas Pudleiner, Kevin Quinn, Neil Satrom, William Shekarchi, Wei Sun, Helen Wang and James O. Jirsa


Influence of EB-CFRP on Cracks for Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthening

Authors: Emmanuel Ferrier, Carmelo Caggegi and Laurent Michel


State-of-the-Practice of Global Manufacturing of FRP Rebar and Specifications

Authors: Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza, Raphael Kampmann and Francisco De Caso y Basalo


Quantitative Image Analysis of Concrete-Epoxy Interface Fracture

Authors: Yoseok Jeong, Maria M. Lopez and Charles E. Bakis


Investigation of CFRP Torsional Strengthening of RC Beams using DIC Photogrammetry

Authors: Ghaidak Al-Bayati, Riadh Al-Mahaidi and Robin Kalfat


Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Externally Bonded Small-Diameter Carbon Strands

Authors: Judy M. I. Soliman, Tarek K. Hassan and Sami H. Rizkalla


Behavior of Concrete Columns under the Confinement of Transverse Steel Hoops and FRP

Authors: Ahmed Abd El Fattah, Mukhtar Azeez and Hayder A. Rasheed


Deterioration of Tensile and Shear Strength of GFRP Bars

Authors: Paulina Arczewska, Maria Anna Polak and Alexander Penlidis


A Reference-free Damage Identification in FRP-Reinforced Bridge Girders

Authors: Mohammad Moravvej and Mamdouh El-Badry


Lateral Displacement Deformability of GFRP-RC Slab-Column Edge Connections

Authors: Mohammed G. El-Gendy and Ehab F. El-Salakawy


Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams with GFRP Grid Reinforced Polymer

Authors: Piyong Yu, Pedro F. Silva and Antonio Nanni


Flexural Strength and Behavior of Circular Sand-coated Concrete-filled FRP Tubes under Cyclic Load

Authors: Ahmed M. Ali and Radhouane Masmoudi

Impact of Different Type of Calcium Sulfate on Early Ettringite Formation in Presence of Different PCE

by Lukas Frunz, Patrick Juilland, Emmanuel Gallucci, and Jörg Zimmermann

SP-329-14 165

Impact of Different PCE Architectures on Flow Performance Depending on Precipitated Ettringite

by Y. Chen, S. Wang, P. Juilland, L. Frunz, and J. Zhu

SP-329-15 175

Alteration of Superplasticizers Molecular Composition during Adsorption on Cement Hydrates

by Anatoly I. Vovk

SP-329-16 185

Overview of Defoaming Technologies for Polycarboxylate-Based Superplasticizers

by Ara A. Jeknavorian

SP-329-17 201

Alternative Setting Retarders for Portland Cement Clinker

by Harald Justnes

SP-329-18 213

Effects of the Adsorption Characteristics of PCE on C3S Hydration

by Ming Liu, Jing Chen, Yuxin Gao, Guangjun Zheng, and Jiaheng Lei

SP-329-19 225

Definition of a PCE Family that Increases Performances when a Workability Retention Agent (WRA) is Added

by Angela Rozzoni and Michaël Dolci

SP-329-20 237

Graphite Nanoplatelets and Graphene Oxide Influence on C-S-H Formation

by P. Gronchi, S. Bianchi, L. Brambilla, and M. Goisis

SP-329-21 257

Study on the Molecular Structure, Adsorption and Hydration Properties of Different Typed Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

by Yunhui Fang, Yuliang Ke, Xiaofang Zhang, and Geli Li

SP-329-22 267

Influence of Non-adsorbed Polymers on Fluidity of Cement Paste

by Kazuki Matsuzawa, Daiki Shimazaki, Hirokatsu Kawakami, and Etsuo Sakai

SP-329-23 279

Development of Ultra-Low Temperature Anti-Freezing Pumping Admixture

by Fei Xiao, Yongwei Wang, Jinhuan Lv, Jie Zhang, and Tongwei Lu

SP-329-24 291

Anionic Gemini Surfactants as Novel Air Entraining Agents

by Min Qiao, Jian Chen, Nanxiao Ga, Qianping Ran, and Jiaping Liu

SP-329-25 305

Polymer Physics and PCE Superplasticizers Revisited

by Yanwei Wang, Xin Shu, Yong Yang, Qianping Ran, and Jiaping Liu

SP-329-26 319

Conformational Properties of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers in Solution and at Liquid/Solid Interfaces Explored by All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulations

by Hongxia Zhao, Yanwei Wang, Yong Yang, Xin Shu, Jiaping Liu, and Qianping Ran

SP-329-27 333

Rheological Properties of Cement Pastes Incorporating Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers Containing Different Hydrophobic Groups

by Xin Shu, Yanwei Wang, Yong Yang, Xiumei Wang, Qian Zhang, Hongxia Zhao, Qianping Ran, and Jiaping Liu

SP-329-28 349

Effect of the Side Chain Hydrophobicity on the Properties of Shrinkage-Reducing Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers

by Nanxiao Gao, Qianping Ran, and Min Qiao

SP-329-29 363

Research on Low Temperature and Early Strength of Cementitious Grout for Sleeve Coupler of Reinforcement Splicing

by Jinming Wang, Kaiyu Wang, Yongwei Wang, Yongsheng Liu, and Jie Zhang

SP-329-30 373

CSA-Based Mortars Manufactured with Tartaric Acid-Based Retarder

by Luigi Coppola, Denny Coffetti, and Elena Crotti

SP-329-31 389

Synthesis of Core-Shell CS/APCS Particle via Electrostatic Self-Assembly

by Dongmin Wang and Chunlong Huang

SP-329-32 403

Effect of D-gluconate on Nucleation and Growth of Synthetic Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H)

by Jirawan Siramanont and Paul Bowen

SP-329-33 415

On the Mechanism of Using Carbon Dioxide as a Beneficial Concrete Admixture

by Sean Monkman, Kathryn Grandfield, and Brian Langelier

SP-329-34 429

Influence of the Aqueous Phase of Cement Paste on the Rheology in the Presence of PCE

by Wolfram Schmidt, Sarah Leinitz, Berta Mota, and Claudia Crasselt

SP-329-35 445

Study on the Polymerization Kinetics of Methyl Allyl Polyethylene Glycol with Acrylic Acid

by Ziming Wang, Yang Zhang, Jingying Peng, and Dongjie Yin

SP-329-36 459

Advances in Admixtures and In-Transit Concrete Management Systems for Sustainable Construction

by Josephine Cheung, Elizabeth Burns, Joshua Curto, and Nathan Tregger


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