SP-323: Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Behavior through Load Testing - International Perspectives

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Editors: Eva Lantsoght and Pinar Okumus


Load testing of concrete bridges is a practice with a long history. Historically, and particularly before the unification of design and construction practices through codes, load testing was performed to show the travelling public that a newly built bridge was safe for use. Nowadays, with the aging infrastructure and increasing loads in developed countries, load testing is performed mostly for existing structures either as diagnostic or proof tests. For newly built bridges, diagnostic load testing may be required as a verification of design assumptions, particularly for atypical bridge materials, designs, or geometries. For existing bridges, diagnostic load testing may be used to improve analysis assumptions such as composite action between girders and deck, and contribution of parapets and other nonstructural members to stiffness. Proof load testing may be used to demonstrate that a structure can carry a given load when there are doubts with regard to the effect of material degradation, or when sufficient information about the structure is lacking to carry out an analytical assessment.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2018

Pages: 228

ISBN: 9781641950077

Categories: Bridges

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Assessment of Slab Bridges through Proof Loading in the Netherlands

Authors: Eva O. L. Lantsoght, Cor van der Veen, Ane de Boer, and Dick A. Hordijk


Load Testing of Highly Skewed Concrete Bridges

Authors: Mauricio Diaz Arancibia and Pinar Okumus


Rating of Concrete Road Bridges with Static Proof Load Tests

Authors: Anna Halicka, Dick A. Hordijk, and Eva O.L. Lantsoght


Bridge Load Testing and Monitoring for Super-Heavy Permit Loads

Authors: Brett Commander and Jesse Sipple


Rating of Prestressed Concrete Adjacent Beam Bridges without Plans

Authors: Carlos V. Aguilar, David V. Jáuregui, Brad D. Weldon, and Craig M. Newtson


Bridge Load Testing In Germany

Authors: Gregor Schacht, Frederik Wedel, and Steffen Marx


Diagnostic Load Testing Of Concrete Bridges, Principles and Example

Authors: Joan Ramon Casas, Piotr Olaszek, Juliusz Ciesla, and Krzysztof Germaniuk


Assessment and Loading to Failure of Three Swedish RC Bridges

Authors: Jonny Nilimaa, Cristian Sabau, Niklas Bagge, Arto Puurula, Gabriel Sas, Thomas Blanksvärd, Björn Täljsten, Anders Carolin, Björn Paulsson, and Lennart Elfgren


High Magnitude Loading of Concrete Bridges

Authors: Jacob W. Schmidt, Philip S. Halding, Thomas W. Jensen, and Svend Engelund


Torsional Effects on Load Tests to Quantify Shear Distribution in Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridges

Authors: Benjamin Z. Dymond, Catherine E. W. French, and Carol K. Shield


Diagnostic Test for Load Rating of a Prestressed SCC Bridge

Authors: E. S. Hernandez and J.J. Myers


Extending the Life of Aged, Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges through Load Testing and Monitoring

Authors: Jeffrey Weidner, John Prader, Nathaniel Dubbs, Franklin L. Moon, A. Emin Aktan, John Taylor, and Clifford J. Skeens


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