SP-294: Advances in Green Binder Systems

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Editors: Narayanan Neithalath and James Hicks

Sponsored by ACI Committees 130, 232, and 236


There is a growing interest all over the world to develop and implement environmentally friendly binding materials for concrete applications. The emphasis of the research and construction community is on finding sustainable alternatives for ordinary portland cement to reduce the overall environmental and energetic impact of cement production. The use of high volumes of fly ash and slag are already accepted means of cement reduction for sustainable concretes; however, the dramatic increase in the consumption of concrete requires novel and sustainable binder systems. Recent research results is to provide an introduction into several areas of active work on green binder systems. The papers in this CD deal with a wide variety of topics that are of significant interest and impact, including the chemistry of geopolymerization of fly ash, mixture proportioning of concretes containing fly ash alone as the binder, methods to improve the reactivity of fly ash through nanomodification or the use of fine limestone, and phosphate-based cements. Also, novel methods of the use of waste glass powder and rice husk ash as cementing materials are detailed. These paper are a useful addition to the library for any researcher, materials producer, or end user interested in alternative and sustainable binding materials for concrete.

This SP consists of 8 papers that were presented at a technical session sponsored by ACI Committees 130. 232, and 236 at the ACI Convention in Dallas, TX, in March 2012.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2013


Categories: Sustainability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Activation of Fly Ash through Nanomodification

Authors: Shiho Kawashima, Pengkun Hou, Kejin Wang, David J. Corr, and Surendra P. Shah


Determining the Potential of a Fly Ash for Geopolymer Formation by Examining

Dissolution of Glassy Phases in a Caustic Solution

Authors: Katherine L. Aughenbaugh, Paul Stutzman, Maria C. G. Juenger


Waste Glass for Use in Geopolymers

Authors: Mary U. Christiansen and Lawrence L. Sutter


Reactivity Indicators for Activated High-Calcium Fly Ash-Based Binders

Authors: E. Ivan Diaz Loya, Fred Kinney and Carlos Augusto Orozco Rios


Properties of Phosphate-Based Cements with High Fly Ash Content

Authors: Samson T. Tassew, Adam S. Lubell


Design and Mix Proportioning of Green Concrete Using 100% Fly Ash Based

Hydraulic Binder

Authors: Raj Patel, Fred Kinney


Characterization of Chemical Treatment Method for Rice Husk Ash Cementing Materials

Authors: Lapyote Prasittisopin and David Trejo


Enhancing High Volume Fly Ash Concretes Using Fine Limestone Powder

Authors: Jussara Tanesi, Dale Bentz, and Ahmad Ardani


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