SP-290: The Economics, Performance and Sustainability of Internally Cured Concrete CD

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Editors: Anton K. Schindler, Jiri G. Grygar, W. Jason Weiss

Sponsored by ACI Committees 231, 213, & 130


This CD consists of 14 papers presented at the ACI Fall Convention, Toronto, ON, Canada, October 2012, and sponsored by ACI Committees 130, Sustainability of Concrete; 213, Lightweight Aggregate and Concrete; and 231, Concrete Properties at Early Ages.These papers cover the following general topics: impact on sustainability, mixture proportioning, internal curing methods and their implementation, hydration impacts, volume change effects, mechanical properties, cracking tendency, durability aspects, life-cycle cost analysis, and case studies that document the use of internal curing in full-scale production applications.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2012

ISBN: 9780870317835

Categories: Curing

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


1. Optimizing the Sustainability of Concrete Through Internal Curing

by Benjamin E. Byard and John Ries

2. History and Evolution of Internal Curing-Case Studies

by John Roberts, Randy Butcher, Bruce Jones, Max Kalafat, and Ron Vaughn

3. Efficiency of Eucalyptus Pulps for Internal Curing

by Passarin Jongvisuttisun, Camille Negrello, and Kimberly E. Kurtis

4. Reduction of Autogenous Shrinkage in Cement Paste by IC Using Jute Fiber

by Mitsuo Ozawa and Hiroaki Morimoto

5. Design and Construction of an Internally Cured Slab

by Robert T. Bates, Erik Holck, Miles Dee, and Michael King

6. Case Studies of Internal Curing of Bridge Decks in the Greater Cleveland Area

by Norbert J. Delatte and Dale Crowl

7. Field Performance of Internally Cured Concrete Bridge Decks in New York State

by Donald A. Streeter, William H. Wolfe, and Ronald E. Vaughn

8. Autogenous Shrinkage Mitigation in HVFA Mixtures with Internal Curing

by Igor De la Varga, Javier Castro, and W. Jason Weiss

9. Prediction of Drying Shrinkage for Internally Cured High Performance Concrete

by Tengfei Fu, Tyler Deboodt, and Jason H. Ideker

10. Early-Age Autogenous Effects in Internally Cured Concrete and Mortar

by Benjamin E. Byard, Anton K. Schindler, and Robert W. Barnes

11. Corrosion and Service Life Estimates for Internally Cured Concrete

by Kambiz Raoufi and W. Jason Weiss

12. Modeling of Internal Curing with SAP at Meso- and Macro-Level

by Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Pietro Lura, and Dariusz Gawin

13. Durability Design of HPC Bridge Decks with Lightweight Aggregate and Admixtures

by Daniel Cusson and Jim Margeson

14. Chloride Transport Measurements for a Plain and Internally Cured Concrete Mixture

by Carmelo Di Bella, Chiara Villani, Elizabeth Hausheer, and W. Jason Weiss


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