SP-245: Case Histories and Use of FRP for Prestressing Applications

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Editors: Raafat El-Hacha and Sami H. Rizkalla


Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials have been proposed for use in lieu of steel for prestressing applications. The use of FRP has been growing rapidly in recent years. FRP provides options and benefits not available using traditional materials. The promise of FRP materials lies in their high-strength, lightweight, noncorrosive, nonconducting, and nonmagnetic properties. In 2005, ACI Committee 440, Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement, published ACI 440.4R-04, “Prestressing Concrete Structures with FRP Tendons,” as one of several guides in ACI’s Emerging Technology Series to provide recommendation for the use of FRP materials based on available test data, technical reports, and limited field applications. The aim of this document is to help practitioners implement FRP technology while providing testimony that design and construction with FRP materials systems is rapidly moving from emerging to mainstream technology.

In addition to this publication, ACI Committee 440 organized a special technical session entitled “Case Histories and Use of FRP for Prestressing Applications” at the ACI Fall 2006 Convention in Denver, Colorado, on November 8, 2006. The session provided a worldwide state-of-the-art forum for researchers, civil/structural engineers, contractors, consultants, practitioners, and regulatory authorities to exchange recent advances in both research and practice. The technical papers presented at the session and published in this volume included the most recent analytical and experimental research work as well as selected field applications, design, and construction guidelines. The session was well attended, and generated substantial technical discussion and exchange of new technology.

This Special Publication consists of 10 papers, some of which were presented in the special session sponsored by ACI Committee 440 at the ACI Fall 2006 Convention.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2007

ISBN: 9780870312434

Categories: Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-245—1: Durability of Concrete Beams Prestressed with CFRP Bars

by H.C. Mertol, S. Rizkalla, P. Scott, J.M. Lees, and R. El-Hacha

SP-245—2: Analysis of Long-Term Effects in Concrete Columns Prestressed with FRP Tendons

by C.C. Choo, I.E. Harik, and H. Gesund

SP-245—3: Modeling Time-Dependent Deformations of a Masonry Wall Post-Tensioned with CFRP

by M.M. Reda Taha, K.-K. Choi, M. Tait, and S.L. Lissel

SP-245—4: Lessons from Anchor Design for CFRP Rods

by K. Soudki , A. Al-Mayah, and A. Plumtree

SP-245—5: Precast Girders Prestressed with CFRP Wires—Hungarian Experiences

by G.L. Balázs and A. Borosnyói

SP-245—6: Prestressed Carbon Strands Utilized in Repair of Football Stadium Ramp

by C.R. Alburn and C.W. Dolan

SP-245—7: Applying Prestressed CFRP Sheets to Restore Prestress Losses in Prestressed Concrete Beams

by Y.J. Kim, C. Shi, L. Bizindavyi, and M.F. Green

SP-245—8: Strengthening of RC Beams with External Post-Tensioned CFRP Tendons

by A. Elrefai, J. West, and K. Soudki

SP-245—9: Concrete Beams Strengthened with External Prestressing using External Tendons and Near-Surface-Mounted Reinforcement (NSMR)

by B. Täljsten and H. Nordin

SP-245—10: Structural Performance of RC Beams Strengthened with Prestressed Near-Surface-Mounted CFRP Tendons

by Z. Wu, K. Iwashita, and X. Sun


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