SP-234: Seventh CANMET/ACI International Conference on Durability of Concrete

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Editor: V.M. Malhotra


The Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology (CANMET) of Natural Resources, Ottawa, Canada, has played a significant role in Canada for over 40 years in the area of durability of concrete. CANMET, in association with the American Concrete Institute and the Institute for Research in Construction/National Research Council, Ottawa, sponsored the First CANMET/ACI International Conference on Concrete Durability held in Atlanta, Georgia, April 27-May 1, 1987. The refereed proceedings of the Atlanta conference and Montreal conference (the Second CANMET/ACI International Conference on Concrete Durability, held August 4-9, 1991) were published as ACI SP-100 and ACI SP-126, respectively. Unlike the first conference, this second conference was not named after any individual(s), and the future conferences in this series would follow this precedent.

In 2006, CANMET, in association with several other organizations in Canada and the U.S., sponsored the Seventh CANMET/ACI International Conference on Durability of Concrete. The conference was held in Montreal, Canada, on May 28-June 3, 2006. More than 75 papers were peer reviewed in accordance with the policies of the American Concrete Institute. The proceedings of the conference, consisting of 50 refereed papers, were published by the American Concrete Institute as ACI SP-234.

In addition to the papers that have been published in the refereed proceedings, more than 50 other papers were presented at the conference. A number of these were published as supplementary papers in a special volume.

During the conference, special sessions were held on subjects with sulfate attack on concrete and high-performance lightweight concrete. Some of the papers related to these subjects were published in the supplementary volume.

Thanks are extended to more than 15 review panel members who met in Budapest, Hungary, in 2002 to review the papers. Without the dedicated efforts of the reviewers, it would not have been possible to have the proceedings ready for distribution at the conference. The cooperation of the authors in accepting reviewers’ suggestions and in revising their manuscripts accordingly is greatly appreciated. The authors are also to be commended for their prompt return of their finalized manuscripts.

The assistance of A. Bilodeau, Chair of the audio-visual review panel, is gratefully acknowledged. Thanks are also extended to P. Gupta and C. Mansfield-Joiner for their help in processing the manuscripts. The contributions of the ACI staff for their help in publishing the proceedings on time is also recognized.

As an integral part of the conference, a special symposium was held to honor Professor K. Sakata of Japan for his outstanding contributions in the broad area of concrete design and technology over the past 20 years. The proceedings of the symposium were published as a separate volume.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2006

Pages: 820

ISBN: 9780870312076

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


SP-234—1: Durability of Concrete –The Zigzag Course of Progress

by P. Kumar Mehta

SP-234—2: Characterizing Reinforced Concrete Beams Exposed During 40 Years in a Natural Marine Environment – Presentation of the French Project “Benchmark des Poutres de la Rance”

by O. Poupard, V. L’Hostis, S. Catinaud, S. Laurens, I. Petre-Lazar, and A. Raharinaivo

SP-234—3: Estimation of Effective Diffusion Coefficients and Non-Linear Binding Parameters of Chloride by Reverse Analysis of Chloride Profiles

by K. Yamada, Y. Hosokawa, D. Mori, Y. Yamada, and B. Johannesson

SP-234—4: Corrosion Inhibitors for Reinforced Concrete

by H. Justnes

SP-234—5: Performance of Treated and Untreated Concrete in a Marine


by W.J. McCarter, L. Finnegan, B.T. Linfoot, P.A.M. Basheer, and T.M. Chrisp

SP-234—6: Characterization of Portland Cement Concrete with Carbon Material Admixtures

by P. Garcés, L.G. Andión, G. Catalá, I. De la Varga, and E. Zornoza

SP-234—7: Durability Indicators of High Performance Concrete Including a Ternary Blend

by P. Devillers, J.P. Bournazel, J.C. Templier, and F. Cussigh

SP-234—8: Effect of Extra-Fine Slag Replacement on Carbonation and Frost Salt Scaling Resistance of Mortars

by O. Çopuroglu, A. Fraaij, E. Schlangen, and J. Bijen

SP-234—9: Detection of AAR Deterioration Patterns in Concrete using Wavelets for Multiscale Texture Analysis

by S. Kabir, P. Rivard and G. Ballivy

SP-234—10: Alkali-Silica Reactions in Concrete – Relationship between Water

Content and Observed Damage on Structures

by J. Lindgård, E. Rodum and B. Pedersen

SP-234—11: Pore Size Distribution of Hardened Cement Paste in Self Compacting Concrete

by V. Boel, K. Audenaert, and G. De Schutter

SP-234—12: A Numerical Model to Simulate Alkali-Aggregate Reaction


by E. Grimal, A. Sellier, I. Petre-Lazar, Y. Le Pape, and E. Bourdarot

SP-234—13: Chloride Attack through Concrete: Time Effects

by A. Khitab, S. Lorente, and J.-P. Ollivier

SP-234—14: Effect of Chloride Concentration on Reinforcement Corrosion

in Concrete

by M. Maslehuddin, S.U. Al-Dulaijan, M. Ibrahim, S.H. Alidi, and M.H. Al-Mehthel

SP-234—15: Assessing the Durability of Concrete Regarding ASR

by J. Stark and C. Giebson

SP-234—16: Expansion Due to DEF in Normally-Cured Concrete Heated by Cement Hydration

by N. Petrov, M. Thibault, and A. Tagnit-Hamou

SP-234—17: Field Survey of Delayed Ettringite Formation-Related Damage in

Concrete Bridges in the State of Maryland

by R.A. Livingston, C. Ormsby, A.M. Amde, M.S. Ceary, N. McMorris, and P.G. Finnerty

SP-234—18: Effect of Localized Mechanical Damage on Gas Permeability and

Chloride Migration into High Performance Concrete

by A. Djerbi, P. Turcry, S. Bonnet, and A. Khelidj

SP-234—19: Carbonation of Concrete Incorporating High Volumes of Fly Ash

by N. Bouzoubaâ, B. Tamtsia, M.H. Zhang, R.L. Chevrier, A. Bilodeau,

and V.M. Malhotra

SP-234—20: Performance Testing Method for Durability of Concrete Using

Climate Simulation

by J. Stark and K. Seyfarth

SP-234—21: Durability of Ternary Blended Cements Containing Limestone

Filler and GBFS

by E.F. Irassar, V.L. Bonavetti, G. Menéndez, H. Donza, and M.F. Carrasco

SP-234—22: Outline of Recommendations for Durability Design and Construction Practice of Reinforced Concrete Buildings in Japan

by T. Noguchi, M. Kanematsu, and Y. Masuda

SP-234—23: The Performance of Epoxy Coated Reinforcement – Experience of The Ontario Ministry of Transportation

by F. Pianca, H. Schell, and G. Cautillo

SP-234—24: Modeling of the Behavior of Corroded Reinforced Concrete


by R. François, A. Castel, and T. Vidal

SP-234—25: Influence of Vegetable Oils on Durability and Pore Structure

of Mortars by H. Vikan and H. Justnes

SP-234—26: A Study on the Calcium Chloride Resistance of Concrete Containing an Expansive Additive

by H. Akihiro, A. Masanobu, K. Hiroyuki, and F. Tsutomu

SP-234—27: Influence of Polyol on the Drying and Curling of Self-Leveling Screeds Based on Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement

by J. Ambroise, J.-F. Georgin, and J. Péra

SP-234—28: Durability of Concrete with Recycled Fine Aggregate

by T. Fumoto and M. Yamada

SP-234—29: A New Approach for the Determination of the Starting Point of Autogenous Shrinkage Strains (ASS)

by M.-S. Meddah, P.-C. Aïtcin, and N. Petrov

SP-234—30: New Contribution in the Testing Methodology to Characterize

Concrete Attacked by Alkali-Silica Reaction

by D. Bulteel, Y. Monnin, E. Garcia-Diaz, and P. Degrugilliers

SP-234—31: Sulfate Attack on Concrete — Recent Perspectives

by F.P. Glasser and K.L. Scrivener

SP-234—32: Possibility of Thaumasite Formation in Marine Environments

by K. Yamada, M. Ichikawa, K. Honma, H. Hirao, and D. Mori

SP-234—33: Case Studies of Thaumasite Formation

by H. Justnes and E. Rodum

SP-234—34: Thaumasite Field Trial at Shipston on Stour: Three Year Chemical

and Mineralogical Assessment of Buried Concrete

by N.J. Crammond, R.G. Sibbick, and G. Collett

SP-234—35: Investigation of Physical and Microstructural Changes in the

Surface of Mortar Samples Exposed to Sulphuric Acid

by T. Schmidt, J. Neuenschwander, M. Romer, and T. Lüthi

SP-234—36: Unexpected Expansion of Concrete Made with Laumontite

Containing Aggregates Under Seawater Condition

by H. Hamada, T. Yamaji, T.U. Mohammed, and K. Torii

SP-234—37: Sulfate Resistance of Concrete Containing High Volume of Mineral Admixtures

by E.F. Irassar, O.R. Batic, A. Di Maio, and J.M. Ponce

SP-234—38: Water Permeability and Chloride Penetration in Lightweight and Normalweight Aggregate Concrete

by K.S. Chia and M.H. Zhang

SP-234—39: Internal Curing of Concrete Using Lightweight Aggregates

by G.C. Hoff

SP-234—40: Early Age Cracking Risk of High-Strength Lightweight

Aggregate Concrete

by T.A. Hammer

SP-234—41: Pre-Wetted Lightweight Coarse Aggregate Reduces Long-Term Deformations of High-Performance Lightweight Concrete

by M. Lopez, K.E. Kurtis, and L.F. Kahn

SP-234—42: High-Strength Lightweight Concrete for Application in

Highway Girders

by K.F. Meyer, B.S. Buchberg, and L.F. Kahn

SP-234—43: Durability of Lightweight Concrete Containing High Volume Fly Ash and Highly Porous Bottom Ash

by M. Nisnevich, G. Sirotin, and Y. Eshel

SP-234—44: How Information Technology Can Help Sustainability and Aid in Combating Global Warming

by I.L. Kondratova and I. Goldfarb

SP-234—45: Performance of Structural Lightweight Concrete Made With a

Potentially Reactive Natural Sand

by S.R. Boyd, T.A. Holm, and T.W. Bremner

SP-234—46: ASR-Free Dry Shake Hardeners for Concrete Industrial Floors

by M. Collepardi, E.N. Croce, G. Fazio, J.J. Ogoumah Olagot, and R. Troli

SP-234—47: Self-Curing, Shrinkage-Free Concrete

by M. Collepardi, A. Borsoi, S. Collepardi, R. Troli, and M. Valente

SP-234—48: Numerical Modeling of Concrete Carbonation Based on Durability Indicators

by M. Thiery, V. Baroghel-Bouny, G. Villain, and P. Dangla

SP-234—49: Combined Effect of Expansive and Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures on Microstructure of Mortars and Concretes

by C. Maltese, A. Lolli, C. Pistolesi, A. Bravo, and T. Cerulli

SP-234—50: Chloride Diffusion in High-Performance Lightweight

Aggregate Concrete

by M.D.A. Thomas


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