SP-229: Quality of Concrete Structures and Recent Advances in Concrete Materials and Testing

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Paulo Helene, Enio Pazini Figueiredo, Terence C. Holland, Rubens Bittencourt


This special publication contains 32 papers presented at the Fourth International ACI/CANMET Conference held in Brazil, in September 2005. Specific papers include: Self Consolidating Concrete, High-Performance and Normal Concrete Affected by Creep at Different Age, Curing, Load Level, Strength, and Water-Cement Ratio with some Interrelated Properties; Properties of Concrete with Recycled Concrete Coarse Aggregates; Application of Different Curing Procedures in High-Performance Concrete; and many more.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2005

Pages: 100

ISBN: 9780870311826

Categories: Materials

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Chemical Admixtures

SP-229—1: Chloride-Free Accelerators for Concrete Setting and Hardening

by H. Justnes

Deformations, Creep, and Cracking Control

SP-229—2: Realkalisation of the Carbonated Concrete using Alkaline Solutions

by F.W.C. Araújo and E.J. Pazini Figueiredo

SP-229—3: Effects of Binder Materials on the Properties of Polystyrene Aggregate Concrete

by R. Sri Ravindrarajah, V. DiFalco, and S. Surian

SP-229—4: Predicting Long-Term Creep from Short-Term Creep Test

by V. Sirivivatnanon

SP-229—5: Self Consolidating Concrete, High-Performance and Normal Concrete Affected by Creep at Different Age, Curing, Load Level, Strength, and Water-Cement Ratio with some Interrelated Properties

by B. Persson


SP-229—6: Influence of Chemical Activation on Chloride Penetration in Concrete

by A.L.G. Gastaldini, G.C. Isaia, N.S. Gomes, and J.E.K. Sperb

SP-229—7: The Rehabilitation Method of Electrochemical Chloride Extraction by an Engineering View 1

by E. Monteiro, P. Helene, and A. Carneiro

SP-229—8: Sorptivity: Parameter for the Evaluation of Cover Concrete Quality 1

by V.L. Taus, A.A. Di Maio, and L.P. Traversa

SP-229—9: Evaluation of Cover Concrete by Analysis of Chloride Diffusion Coefficients

by O. Cascudo, H. Carasek, M.-P. Yssorche-Cubaynes, A.N. Lopes, and J.-P. Ollivier

SP-229—10: Advanced Methods of Corrosion Measurement in Real Concrete Structures 1

by C. Andrade and I. Martinez

SP-229—11: Application of Different Curing Procedures in High-Performance Concrete (HPC)

by R. de Oliveira Pinto, A.L.B. Geyer, and A. Liduário

SP-229—12: Diffusion of Chloride Ions in Unsaturated Concrete: Forecast of Service Life in a Wet-Dry Environment

by A.T.C. Guimarães and P.R.L. Helene

SP-229—13: Carbonation-Induced Corrosion in Buildings Under Tropical Environments

by E.I. Moreno and R. Solis-Carcaño

SP-229—14: Behavior of Juxtaposed Galvanic Couples in Small Repaired Beams by Using Primers to the Reinforcement

by P. Castro-Borges, C. Andrade, C. Alonso, and E. Pazini Figueiredo

SP-229—15: The Influence of Biodeterioration on Concrete Durability

by S.M.M. Pinheiro, M.R. Silva, and F.L. dos Santos Souza

SP-229—16: Durability of 15-year Old Concrete with Surface Coating Materials under Marine Environment

by T. Yamaji, K.-I. Komure, and H. Hamada

SP-229—17: A New Construction Material—Non-Corrosive Basalt Bar Reinforced Concrete

by V. Ramakrishnan and R.K. Panchalan

Fiber Concrete

SP-229—18: Theoretical Model for Confined Steel-Fiber-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete

by H.C. Lima, Jr. and J.S. Giongo

Fire Resistance

SP-229—19: Microstructural Changes in High and Ultra High Strength Concrete Exposed to High Temperature Environments

by C. Alonso, C. Andrade, E. Menendez, and E. Gayo

Nondestructive Tests

SP-229—20: Methodology for the Structural Assessment of Concrete Affected by Reinforcement Corrosion

by J. Rodriguez, L.M. Ortega, J. Aragoncillo, D. Izquierdo, and C. Andrade

SP-229—21: Evaluation of the Compressive Strength of Concrete by Different Nondestructive Methods

by A.C.J. Evangelista, I.A.E.M. Shehata, and L.C.D. Shehata

Quality Control

SP-229—22: Statistical Measures of HPC Compressive Strength

by S.F. Freyne, W.M. Hale, and B.W. Russell

Structural Behavior

SP-229—23: Comparative Evaluation of Flexural Fatigue Behavior of High-Volume Fly Ash and Plain Concrete

by V. Ramakrishnan, V.M. Malhotra, and W.S. Langley

Strengthening of Structures

SP-229—24: Cyclic Shear Behavior of Connection between Precast Beam and Deck with Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

by D.L. Araújo and M.K. El Debs

SP-229—25: Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Slabs Strengthened in Flexure by Concrete Overlays

by J.M. Calixto, E.F. Pires, S.A. Lima, and E.M. Piancastelli

Supplementary Cementing Materials

SP-229—26: Rice Husk Ash with Low Carbon Content

by S. Santos and L.R. Prudêncio, Jr.

SP-229—27: The Influence of Silica Fume on the Apparent Activation Energy of HPC Mixtures

by M.P. Barbosa, R.C.A. Pinto, and L.D.P. Peres

SP-229—28: Effects of Alkali-Activation of Slag Concrete

by M.A.M. Coelho, M.G. da Silva, F.L. dos Santos Souza, R. Sarmento, R.P. de Moraes Frasson, S.M. de Moraes Pinheiro, E. Zandonade, and T. Morimoto

SP-229—29: Properties of Steam Cured Concretes with Silica Fume Addition

by P.S. Bardella and G. Camarini

SP-229—30: Bottom Ash from Municipal Solid Waste from Incineration Plants as Mineral Additions for Concrete

by L. Bertolini, M. Carsana, D. Cassago, M. Collepardi, and A.Q. Curzio


SP-229—31: Polymeric Admixtures as Bonding Agent between Tire Rubber and Concrete Matrix

by A.C. de Albuquerque, N.P. Hasparyk, M.A.S. Andrade, and W.P. de Andrade

SP-229—32: Properties of Concrete with Recycled Concrete Coarse Aggregates

by A.M. Buttler and E.F. Machado, Jr.


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