SP-225: Serviceability of Concrete: A Symposium Honoring Dr. Edward G. Nawy

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Editor: Florian Barth

Co-Editors: Robert Frosch, Hani Nassif, and Andrew Scanlon


This symposium publication offers 15 technical papers on aspects of concrete serviceability, with emphasis on concrete cracking and deflection for prestressed and non-prestressed members. Papers include: “Theory of Elastic Analysis-Illusion and Superstition,” “Prescriptive or Performance Design for Fire?,” and “Performance of Geopolymer Concrete Under Sulfate Exposure.”


Document Details

Publication Year: 2005

Pages: 244

ISBN: 9780870311741

Categories: Cracking

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

SP225-1. Theory of Elastic Analysis-Illusion and Superstition by R.W. Furlong

SP225-2. Prescriptive or Performance Design for Fire? By P.J.E. Sullivan

SP225-3. Performance of Geopolymer Concrete Under Sulfate Exposure by S.E. Wallah, D. Hardjito, D.M.J. Sumajouw, and B.V. Rangan

SP225-4. Bacterial Concrete-A Concrete for the Future by V. Ramakrishnan, R.K. Panchalan, and S.S. Bang

SP225-5. Analysis of 1-D Tension Stiffening with Discrete Cracks by D.Z. Yankelevsky and M. Jabareen

SP225-6. Deflection Control by Design by A. Scanlon

SP225-7. Deflection Prediction and Cracking of Beams Prestressed with Unbonded Tendons by O. Ozkul, H.H. Nassif, and F. Malhas

SP225-8. New Code Provisions for Long Term Deflection Calculations by R.H. Scott and A.W. Beeby

SP225-9. ACI Code Deflection Requirements-Time for a Change? By K.B. Bondy

SP225-10. Retrofitting and Repairing of Heavily Cracked Unbonded Post-Tensioned Structural Systems with Composite Materials by P.R. Chakrabarti

SP225-11. Epoxy Coated Reinforcement and Crack Control by D.T. Blackman and R.J. Frosch

SP225-12. Crack Width Prediction for Ledges in Inverted 'T' Bent Caps by R.R.H. Zhu and T.T.C. Hsu

SP225-13. Assessment of Crack Width Prediction Methods for Post-Tensioned Beams by A. Schokker, J. West, E. Villari, J. Breen, and M. Kreger

SP225-14. Crack Control in Post-Tensioned One-Way Slab Systems by F.V. Ulloa, S.R. Witthoft, and R.W. Poston

SP225-15. Time-Dependent Cracking and Crack Control in Reinforced Concrete Structures by R.I. Gilbert


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