SP-205: Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures

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Editor: Kaspar william & Tada-aki Tanabe


Nonlinear finite element analysis (NLFEA) of reinforced concrete is close to being a practical tool for everyday use by design engineers. The first in this collection of

18 papers takes a critical look at the accuracy of this analysis procedure, then identifies and discusses reasons for caution in applying nonlinear analysis methods. Subsequent papers cover topics that include:

- Seismic behavior predictions of structures;

- Three-dimensional cyclic analysis of compressive diagonal shear failure;

- Finite element analysis of shear columns; and

- Simulation strategies to predict seismic response of reinforced concrete structures.

Designers and researchers who use NLFEA models and procedures for reinforced concrete must be experienced and cautious. The papers in this volume will enable the users to better understand modeling, analysis, and interpretation of results.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2002

Pages: 399

ISBN: 9780870310645

Categories: Finite Element Analysis

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents


Biographical Summary of Alexander C. Scordelis

NLFEARC: Look Both Ways Before Crossing

by F.J. Vecchio and D. Palermo

UCSD Shear Column Benchmark Tests

by R.K. Dowell and F. Seible

Seismic Behavior Predictions of Structures: A Local Nonlinear Mechanisms Approach

by F. Ragueneau and J. Mazurs

Three-Dimensional Cyclic Analysis of Compressive Diagonal Shear Failure

by J. Ozbolt and Y.J. Li

Analysis of RC Column Experiment at UCSD by an Equivalent Lattice Model

by A. Itoh and T. Tanabe

Spring Network Models for Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns Under Cyclic Loading

by S. Saito and T. Higai

Finite Element Analysis of UCSD Shear Columns

by R. K. Dowell and D.R. Parker

Analysis of UCSD Columns by Modified Compression Field Theory

by E. Bentz

Cyclic Analysis of RC Columns by Macro-Element Approach

by N. Shirai, K. Moriizumi, and K. Terasawa

Simulation Strategies to Predic Seismic Response of RC Structures

by T.S. Han, SL Billington, and AR Ingraffea

Influence of Constitutive Laws on Shear Failure of Concrete Beams Without Web Reinforcement in Several Shear-Span Ratios

by Y. Kaneko and H. Mihashi

Capturing the Shear Failure of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Snap-Back Instability

by T. Tanabe and A. Itoh

A Concrete-Steel Bond Model for Use in Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures

by L.N. Lowes

Modeling of Nonlinear Cyclic Behavior of Reinforcing Bars

by H. Nakamura and T. Higai

Pinching Effect in Hysteretic Loops of R/C Shear Elements

by M.Y. Mansour, T.T.C. Hsu, and J.Y. Lee

Stress Hybrid Embedded Crack Element for Analysis of Concrete Fracture

by B. Spencer and P.B. Shing

Concrete Damage as a Fatigue Phenomenon

by C. Meyer

Dilatational Response of Concrete Materials: Facts and Fiction

by G. Etse, D. Sfer, I. Carol, R. Gettu, and K. Willam


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