SP-192: 2000 Canmet/ACI Conference on Durability of Concrete

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In 2000, CANMET, in association with ACI, the Japan Concrete Institute, and several other organizations in Spain and Canada, sponsored a fifth international conference held on June 4-9, 2000, in Barcelona, Spain. More than 120 papers from 35 countries were received and peer reviewed in accordance with the policies of the American Concrete Institute; 73 were accepted for publication. The accepted papers deal with all aspects of concrete durability.

In addition, several sessions dealing with sulfate attack, superplasticizers and supplementary cementing materials, and near surface testing for the durability of concrete were organized.

In addition to the papers that have been published in the refereed proceedings, more than 30 papers were presented at the conference.


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Publication Year: 2000

Pages: 1226

ISBN: 9780870316906

Categories: Durability

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Influence of Fly Ash and Slag on Deicer Salt Scaling Resistance of Concrete

by C. Talbot, M. Pigeon, and J. Marchand

Durability of High-Performance Mortars Containing Contaminated Marine Sediments in Aggressive Environments

by G. Ferrari, T. Cerulli, P. Clemente, C. Pistolesi, D, Salvioni, and F. Surico

Freezing and Thawing Hysteresis Effects in Experimental Analysis of Frost Deicing Salt Resistance of Cementitious Materials

by J. Kaufman

Statistical Comparison of Properties of Manufactured Sand-to-Mortar Durability and Scaling Resistance

by P.P. Hudec and G. Agistalis

Acid Resistance of Sewer Pipe Concrete Mixtures

by M.G. Alexander and C. W. Fourie

Experimental and Analytical Studies on Oxygen Transport in Various Cementitious Materials

by A.S. Sudjono and H. Seki

Chloride and Oxygen Permeability of Concrete Incorporating Fly Ash and Silica Fume in Ternary Sytems

by C.J. Lynsdale and M.I. Khan

Effects of Mixture Proportions on Permeability of Concrete Incorporating Fly Ash and Silica Fume in Ternary Systems

by C.J. Lynsdale and M.I. Khan

Influence of Polymer Modification on Durability of Poruos Concrete

by A. Beeldens, D. Van Gemert, C. Caestecker, M. Van Messem, and E. De Winne

Accelerated Corrosion Testing Results for Specimens Containing Uncoated Reinforcing Steel and Corrosion Inhibitors

by I.L. Kondratova, P. Montes, and T.W. Bremner

Release of Alkalies from Feldspar in Concrete and Mortar

by E. Poulsen, T.S. Hansen, and H.E. Sorensen

Relation Between Pozzolanic Reactivity of Fly Ash and its Effect in Controlling Alkali-Silica Reaction

by T. Yamamoto and T. Kanazu

Durability of Fiber-Reinforced Composites

by S. Rols, J. Ambroise, and J. Pera

Internfacial Effects of Cathodic Protection on Alkali-Silica Reaction in Reinforced Concrete Beams

by K. Torii, K. Ishiii, and M. Kawamura

Cathodic Protection on Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Discrete Anode Strips-Case History

by J. Gulikers

Evaluation of Materials for Repair of Erosion Damage in Hydraulic Structures

by J.E. McDonald

Study on Construction Method and Durability of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Sheet for Retrofitting Reinforced Concrete Structures

by Y. Masuda, K. Motohashi, T. Kage, and T. Ina

Application of Electrodeposition Technique for Concrete Rehabilitation

by J.S. Ryu and N. Otsuki

Performance Criteria for Selection of Repair Materials

by A.M. Vaysburd, J.E. MacDonald, P.H. Emmons, and R.W. Poston

Performance Evaluation of Repair Materials Under Hot and Arid Conditions

by E.A. Al-Juraifani, S.H. Alidi, M. Maslehuddin, M.M. Al-Zahrani, and S.U. Al-Dulaijan

Strength Development of Concrete Cured Under High Temperature Conditions at Early Age

by H. Sugiyama, Y. Masuda, and M. Abe

Effects of High Temperature on Residual, Mechanical, and Transport Properties of Concrete

by B. barragain, A. Di Maio, G. Giaccio, L. Traversa, and R. Zerbino

Durability of Plastic Fiber Reinforced Multilayer Shotcrete Panels

by R. Montagna, M.G. Pauri, and U. Scartozzi

Early Age Fracture Behavior of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete

by N.W. Kim, T. Horiguchi, and N. Saeki

Prediction of Long-Term Durabiltiy of Vasco Da Gama Bridge In Lisbon

O. Houdusse, H. Hornain, and G. Martinet

Contribution to Service Life Prediction of Structures Reinforced with Stainless Steel Reinforced Bars-Laboratory Approach

by L. Tula and P. Helene

Marine Durability of 23-Year-Old Reinforced Concrete Beams

by T.U. Mohammed, N. Otsuki, M. Hisada, and H. Hamada

Improvement of Concrete With Recycled Aggregate

by S.W. Forster

Carbonation Degree as Durability Criteria for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

by F. Matsushita and S. Shibata

Environmentally Engineered Concrete System-Concrete for Oil and Chemical Plant Environmental Applications

by K. Beer, C. Early, and M. Gillen

Mechanism of Deterioration of Cement Composites Due to Leaching of Calcium

by K. Watanabe, K. Yokozeki, N. Otsuki, and M. Daimon

Thaumasite Formation in Hydraulic Mortars and Concretes

by J.A. Grijalvo, M.T. Blanco-Varela, F.P. Maroto, A.P. Sanchez, and T.V. Moreno

Designing and Rehabilitating Concrete Structures-Probablistic Approach

by C. Edvardsen and L. Mohr

Four-Year Behavior of Polymer-Cement Coatings for Concrete Protection

by L. Coppola, S. Monosi, C. Pistolesi, R. Troli, and P. Zaffaroni


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