SP-189: High-Performance Concrete Research to Practice

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A total of 25 papers are included in this Symposium Publication on HPC. The general topics include HPC bridges, HPC structural lightweight concrete, material science of HPC, and structural safety of HPC.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2000

Pages: 466

ISBN: 9780870316883

Categories: High Performance Concrete

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Design and Construction Issues of High-Performance Concrete Bridges

- Presented by Committee 343, Concrete Bridge Design (Joint ACI-ASCE, and THPC), AASHTO HPC Lead State Team and THPC

*High Performance Concrete Lead State Team Activiites: Overview

by M.W. Beacham

*Structural Design of High-Performance Concrete Bridges

by M.K. Tadros, X. Huo, Z. (John) Ma, and M. Baishya

*Mixture Proportioning For High-Strength High-Performance Concrete

Bridge Beams

by J.J. Myers and R.L. Carrasquillo

*Placing, Consolidating, and Curing of High-Performance Concrete in


by C. Ozyildirim

*Behavior of High-Strength, High-Performance Concrete Bridge Girders

by J.F. Stanton, P. Barr, and M.O. Eberhard

*Texas High-Performance Concrete Bridge Decks

M.L. Ralls

Chapter 2 - High-Performance Structural Lightweight Concrete

- Presented by Committee 213, Lightweight Aggregate and Concrete

*Evaluation of Lightweight Concrete Performance in 55 to 80 Year-Old


by R.D. Sturm, N. McAskill, R.G. Burg, and D.R. Morgan

*Low -Density High-Performance Concrete

by J.F. Speck and R.G. Burg

Chapter 3 - Material Science of High-Performance Concrete

- Presented by Committee 236, Material Science of Concrete , and the NSF

Center for ACBM

*Using Nitrogen Adsorption to Quantitatively Study Microstructure of

Cement Pastes

by M.C. Garci and H.M. Jennings

*Percolation Aspects of Cement Paste and Concrete-Properties and


by E.J. Garboczi and D.P. Bentz

*Role of Thresholding to Determine Size of Interfacial Transition Zone

by P.A.M. Basheer, L. Basheer, D.A. Lange, and A.E. Long

*Measuring Three-Dimensional Damage of Mortar in Compression with

X-Ray Microtomography and Digital Image Correlation

by J.S. Lawler, D.T. Keane, and S.P. Shah

*Investigation of Fatigue Crack Growth Mechanisms in Mortars Containing

Fly Ash

by P.C. Taylor and R.B. Tait

*High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete - Optimizing Interfacial

Properties for High-Modulus and Low-Modulus Fibers

by A, Dubey and N. Banthia

*Influence of Loading on Corrosion and Mechanical Response of

Reinforced Concrete Elemenents

by S.C. Yoon, H.R. Wang, W.J. Weiss, and S.P. Shah

*Study of Flow Behavior of Superplasticized Cement Paste Systems and

It's Influence on Properties of Fresh Concrete

by J. Roncero, R. Gettu, P.C. C. Gomes, and L. Agullo

*Use of Multicomponent Cementious Systems in High-Performance


by M.D.A. Thomas and M.H. Shehata

*Prediction of Strength and Shrinkage for Early Age High-Performance


by K. Koveler, I. Schamban, S.-I Igarashi, and A. Bentur

*Assessment of Microstructural Changes During Rapid Chloride

Permeability Test Using Impedance Spectroscopy Measurements

by C. Aldea, J. Shane, T. Mason, and S.P. Shah

*Relationship Between Nonevaporable Water Content and Hardened

Properties of High-Performance Mixtures

by R.C.A. Pinto, S.V. Hobbs, and K.C. Hover

Chapter 4 - Application of High-Performance Concrete in Transportation


- Presented by Committes 343, Concrete Bridge Design (Joint ACI-ASCE)

and 345, Concrete Bridge Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

*Impact of Shrinkage Reducing Asmixture on Properties and

Performance of Bridge Deck Concrete

by J.J. Schemmel, J.C. Ray, and M.L. Kuss

*Factors Influencing Durability and Early-Age Cracking in High-Strength

Concrete Structures

by W.J. Weiss, W. Yang, and S.P. Shah

*Shear Strength of High-Strength Concrete - ACI 318-95 Versus Shear


by R. E. Loov and L. Peng

Chapter 5 - Structural Safety Assessment of High-Performance Concrete

- Presented by Committee 348, Structural Safety

*Modeling Uncertainties in High-Strength Concrete Columns According to

Relability-Based Design Philosophy

by S.M.C. Diniz and D.M. Frangopol

*Strength of High-Performance Concrete in Columns-Factors and

Effect of Placing Method

by J.R. Casas, R. Gettu, L. Agullo, and B. Toralles-Carbonari


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