SP-180: Bond and Development of Reinforcement - A Tribute to Dr. Peter Gergely

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Editor: Roberto Leon


During the ACI 1997 Spring Convention, ACI Committee 408, Bond and Development of Reinforcement, organized four sessions intending to assess the state of the art in bond research, practical applications, and code development. The sessions were organized into a symposium honoring Dr. Peter Gergely, a longtime member of Committee 408, who had recently passed away.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1998

Pages: 512

ISBN: 9780870316791

Categories: Bond

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Evaluation of Bond Performance in Reinforced Concrete

Structures, by S.L. McCabe and S.J. Pantazopoulou

-Bond and Splitting: A Vexing Question, by P.G.

Gambarova, G.P. Rosati and C.E. Schumm

-Contribution of Concrete Between Cracks At Inelastic

Steel Strains and Conclusions For The Optimization

Of Bond, by R. Eligehausen, J. Ozbolt and U. Mayer

-A Dilatational-Interface Model For Bond, by J.V. Cox

-Tension Stiffening and Cracking Behavior In High-Strength

Concrete, by G. Creazza, R. DiMarco and E. Siviero

-Bond Under Repeated Loading, by G.L. Balazs

-Confinement Role Of Prestressing Strand, by J.A. den Uijl

-Bond Of Ribbed Bars Modeled Through Concrete

Confinement, by E. Giuriani and G.A. Plizzari

-Pull-Out Bond Behavior Of Ribbed Bars In Normal

And High-Strength Concrete With Various Confinements,

by B. Engstrom, J. Magnusson and Z. Huang

-Preventing Brittle Failure Of Tension Splices In

High-Strength Concrete, by A. Azizinamini

-Bond Of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement In Normal

And High-Strength Concrete, by T. Grundhoffer, P.A.

Mendis, C.W. French and R. Leon

-Overview Of Research To Improve The Development

Characteristics Of Reinforcing Bars, by D. Darwin,

J. Zuo and M.L. Tholen

-Bond Slip Of Bridge Column Reinforcement Anchored

In Cap Beams, by S. Sritharan, J.M. Ingham, M.J.N.

Priestley and F. Seible

-Pullout Of Horizontial Reinforcement Embedded In

Masonry, by E. Vintzileou and N. Psilla

-Effects Of Transverse Reinforcement And Bonded

Length On The Side-Blowout Capacity Of Headed

Reinforcement, by R.A. DeVries, J.O. Jirsa And T.


-Performance Of Concrete Bridge Decks And Slabs

Reinforced With Epoxy-Coated Steel Under Repeated

Loading, by H.O. Hasan, D.B. Cleary and J.A. Ramirez

-Design recommendations For Epoxy-Coated

Reinforcement, by J. Cairns, J.O.Jirsa and S.L. McCabe

-Fundamental Analysis Of RC Lap Splices, by

T. Ichinose, T. Hayashi and W. Lin

-Bond Properties Of High-Strength Fiber Reinforced

Concrete, by B. Aarup and B.C. Jensen

-Bond Studies Of Reinforcing Bars In Silica Fume

Concrete, by B.S. Hamad and M.S. Itani

-Bond Of FRP Reinforcement In Concrete: A State-

Of-The-Art In Preparation, by R. Repfers


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