SP-178: Sixth CANMET/ACI/JCI Conference: FLy Ash, Silica Fume, Slag & Natural Pozzolans in Concrete

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Editor: V.M.Malhotra


This Symposium Publication contains the proceedings of the Fourth CANMET/ACI/JCI International Conference held in Tokushima, Japan, in June 1998. Sixty-two refereed papers were accepted for presentation at this conference and for this publication.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1998

Pages: 1154

ISBN: 9780870316777

Categories: Pozzolans

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Volume I:

Preface by V.M. Malhotra

Role of Pozzolanic & Cementitious Material in Sustainable

Development of the Concree Industry by P. Kumar Mehta

The Use of Classified Fly Ash to Produce High Performance

Concrete by K.E. Hassan & J.G. Cabrera

Selective Use of Fly Ash Concrete by V. Sirivivatnanon &

R.P. Khatri

Influence of Temperature on Strength Development of Fly

Ash & Silica Fume Concretes by H. Saricimen,

M. Maslehuddin & O.A. Eid

Technological Complex for Utilization of High-Calicum Ash &

Slag for Abakan Thermal Power Plant by S. Pavlenko, A.

Shishkanov & Yu Bazhenov

Comparative Study on Mortar Containing Fly Ash From

Southeast Asia & Japan in Relation to Strength & Durability

by K. Wangwichit, M. Hisada, N. Otsuki & S. Nagataki

Significance of the Thype of Cement on the Reaction

Mechanisms of Pozzolans by B. Meng, U. Wiens & P.


A Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Hong Kong

Medium & High-Strenght NPC & Fly Ash Concretes by

I.D. MacGregor

Highly Flowable Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Containing Fly Ash by M. Kurita & T. Nomura

Effect of Steam Curing on Compressive Strength of Fly

Ash Concrete by K. Kohno, Y. Mitsuiwa & K. Ishimaru

The Chemical Shrinkage of Pozzolanic Reaction Products by

H. Justnes, B. Ardoullie, E. Hendrix, E.J. Sellevold & D. Van


Microstructural Study of Hydration Reactions of a Fly-Ash

Belite Cement by S. Goni, M.P. Luxan, A. Guerrero, M.S.

Hernandez & A. Macias

A Novel Clinkerization Process for Fly-Ash Utilization by

S.A. Khandilkar, M.V. Karandikar, D. Ghosh & A.K. Chatterjee

Fly Ash Customization for Defined Performance Concretes

by H.A.W. Cornelissen & J.W. van den Berg

Influence of Unburnt Carbon in the Performance of Concrete

Mixtures bu L. Coppola, R. Troli, P. Zaffaroni, G. Belz &

M. Collepardi

Durability Study of Mount Pinatubo Ejecta Concrete Paving

Blocks by J.G. Agron

Optimized Solidification of Mixtures of MSWI Fly Ash & Blast

Furnace Slag: Use of the Statistical Design of Experiments

by S. Morel, P. CLastres, D. Mathieu & A. Pellequer

Effects of Fly Ash & Silica Fume on High Performance

Concrete by S. Nagataki, S. Miyazato & T. Saitoh

Engineering Properties of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete

by R.N. Swamy & H.H. Hung

Effect of Curing Methods & Conditions on the Performance

of Fly Ash Concrete in De-Icing Salt Scaling by A. Bilodeau,

M.H. Zhang, V.M. Malhotra & D.M. Golden

The Microstructure & Chloride Ion Diffusion Characteristics

of Cements Containing Metakaolin & Fly Ash by J.G.

Cabrera & S.O. Nwaubani

Effects of Fine Aggregate Replacement on the Rheology,

Compressive Strength & Carbonation Properties of Fly Ash

& Mortar by K.R. Hwang, T. Noguchi & F. Tomosawa

Slump Loss: A Single Rule for Ordinary Concrete by B. Pollet,

R. Lavaud & J. Baron

*Influence of Palm Oil Fuel Ash on Sulfate Resistance of

Mortar & Concrete by M. Warid Hussin & A.S.M. Abdul Awal

Mineralogical & Chemical Properties of Mortar Incorporating

Coal Ash Produced by Fluidized Bed Combustion by

N. Shintani, T. Saitou, H. Sasaki & T. Kita

Mechanical Properties & Durability of Structural Lightweight

Concrete Incorporating High Volumes of Fly Ash by A.

Bilodeau, V.M. Malhotra & D.M. Golden

*Supplementary Cementing Materials: Their Acceptance in

Australian Specification by D. Baweja & P. Nelson

De-Icing Salt Scaling of Concrete Incorporating Different

Types & Percentages of Fly Ash by M.H. Zhang, A. Bilodeau,

G. Shen & V.M. Malhotra

Utilization of Coal Ash Produced From Pressurized Fluidized

Bed Combustion Power Plant as a Concree Mineral Admixture

by K. Fukudome, N. Shintani, T. Saitoh, T. Kita & H. Sasaki

Practical Uses for High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete Using a Low

Calcium Fly Ash by W.S. Langley & G.H. Leaman

Mechanical Properties & Durability of Concrete Made With

High Volume Fly Ash Blended Cements by N. Bouzoubaa,

M.H. Zhang, A. Bilodeau & V.M. Malhotra

Volume II:

Preface by V. M. Malhotra

The Repair of High-Strength Silica Fume Concrete: A Case

History by G.C. Hoff & R. Elimov

Pozzolanic Interaction Between Portland Cement & Silica

Fume in Concrete by B.S.M. Persson

Engineering Properties of Concretes With Combinations

of Cementitious Materials by R.N. Swamy & A.A. Darwish

The Influence of Physical Properties of Aggregate on

Shrinkage on High Strength Slag Cement Concrete by

H. Matsushita, H. Tsuruta & K. Nakae

Chloride Penetration Into Concretes Incorporating Mineral

Admixtures in Marine Environment by K. Torii, T. Sasatani

& M. Kawamura

Performance of Blast Furnace Slag Cement Concrete in

Simulated Aggressive Marine Environment by K. Torii,

& K. van Bruegel

High Strength Natural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete

With Silica Fume by A. Yeginobali, K.G. Sobolev, S.V.

Soboleva & M. Tokyay

Performance of a Different Pozzolanic Cement Concrete

Under Cyclic Wetting & Drying by A.A. Ramezanianpour,

Radfar, Hadikhanloo, Moslehi & Maghsoodi

Water Permeability of High Slag Content Concrete by

J. Nakamoto, K. Togawa, T. Miyagawa & M. Fujii

Effect & Mechanism of Natural Zeolite on Supressing

ASR in Concrete by N. Feng, H. Jia & T. Hao

Monitoring Hydration of Alkali-Activated Slag & Fly Ash

by H.C. Ezirim & W.J. McCarter

Studies on the Properties of Super Workable Concrete

Using Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag by Y. Madea,

T. Chikada, Y. Nagao, Y. Dan & H. Matsushita

Compressive Strength of Portland Blast Furnace Slag

Cement Concrete in Adiabatic & Semi-Temperature

Matched Curing Conditions by J.L. Yang, E.Y. Chen, G.L.

Low & B.T. Tan

Pore Atructure, Strength & Carbonation of Cement Pastes

Containing Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag by

C. Li, A. Yoda & T. Yokomuro

Potential of Blast Furnace Slags to Immobilize Toxic

Wastes by A. Macias, S. Goni, J. Madrid, J.M. Diez

& E. del Castillo

Effect of Superplasticizers in Highly Alkaline Model

Suspensions Containing Silica Fume by R.J. Flatt,

Y.F. Houst, P. Bowen, H, Hofmann, J. Widmer, U. Sulser,

U. Maeder & T.A. Burge

Silica Fume Distribution & Reactivity in Reactive Powder

Concretes by L. Gatty, S. Bonnamy, A. Feylessoufi, H. Van

Damme & P. Richard

Microstructures of Concretes Made With & Without Blast

Furnace Slag After 40 Yrs of Immersion in Saturated

Gypsum Solutions at 20 C by A.C. Courault, A.K.

Crumbie, D. Sorrentino & D. Damidot

Influence of Silica Fume on Permeability of Concrete to

Oxygen for Temperatures up to 500 C by M.S. Zadeh,

G. Debicki, P. Clastres & Y. Billard

Immobilization of Wastes by Metakaolin-Blende Cements

by J. Pera, E. Bonnin & M. Chabannet

Pozzolanic Properties of Metakaolin Obtained From

Paper Sludge by J. Pera & J. Ambroise

Using natural Pozzolans to Improve the Sulfate Resistance

of Cement Mortars by R.E. Rodriguez-Camacho

Suitability of Fumed Lead Blast-Furnace Slag as a

Mineral Admixture for Concrete by D.L. Thomas, M.D.A.

Thomas & J. Ryell

Soil Stabilization Using Lime-Activated Ground Granulated

Blast Furnace Slag by D.D. Higgins, J.M. Kinuthia & S.Wild

Limestone Modified Cement for High-Performance Concretes

by D.G. Montgomery, B.K. Van, I. Hinczak & K. Turner

Chemical Development of the Fluid From Pores of Admixture

Bearing Mortars Affected by the Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

by J.D. Sota, R. Iasi, R. Perez & O.R. Batic

High Calcium Fly Ash - To Silica Fume - To Slag Sand

Ratio Versus Compressive Strength & Density of

Cementless Concrete by S.I. Pavlenko, L.P. Myshlyaev,

V.F. Evtushenko, A.V. Soin & Yu M. Bazhenov

Influence of Storage Conditions & Concrete Composition

on the Effictiveness of Different Silica Fumes Against ASR

by M.A. Berube, J. Duchesne & J. Frenette


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