SP-017(09): ACI Design Handbook

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**This document was replaced by SP-17(11)PACK**




This publication provides information for the engineering design and analysis of beams, one-way slabs, footings, pile caps, columns, and seismic design in accordance with ACI 318-05. Information is presented in three sections: Explanatory Material, Design Examples, and Design Aids. The Introduction of each chapter includes explanatory material that provides the engineer with concise background of the subject. The Design Examples illustrate the use of the Design Aids, which are tables and graphs intended to eliminate routine and repetitious calculations.

Keywords: axial loads; beams (supports); bending moments; biaxial bending; buckling; columns (supports); compression controlled sections; concrete piles; concrete slabs; cracking; deflection; eccentricity; flanges; flexural strength; footings; frames; load factors; loads (forces); long columns; moments of inertia; pile caps; punching shear; reinforced concrete; reinforcement; shear strength; slenderness ratio; special moment frames; spiral reinforcement; splicing; stiffness; strength analysis; strength reduction factors; structural analysis; structural design; T-beams; tension controlled sections; torsion.


Document Details

Publication Year: 2017

Pages: 252

ISBN: 9780870313417

Categories: Design

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

Chapter 1—Design for flexure


1.2—Nominal and design flexural strengths (Mn and φMn)

1.3—Minimum flexural reinforcement

1.4—Placement of reinforcement in sections

1.5—Flexure examples

1.6—Flexure design aids

Chapter 2—Design for shear


2.2—Shear strength of beams

2.3—Designing shear reinforcement for beams

2.4—Shear strength of two-way slabs

2.5—Shear strength with torsion and flexure

2.6—Shear design examples

2.7—Shear design aids

Chapter 3—Short column design


3.2—Column sectional strength

3.3—Columns subjected to biaxial bending

3.4—Column examples

3.5—Column design aids

Chapter 4—Design of slender columns


4.2—Slenderness ratio

4.3—Lateral bracing and designation of frames as non-sway

4.4—Design of slender columns

4.5—Slender column examples

4.6—Slender column design aids

Chapter 5—Footing design


5.2—Foundation types

5.3—Allowable stress design and strength design

5.4—Structural design

5.5—Footings subject to eccentric loading

5.6—Footings examples

Chapter 6—Seismic design


6.2—Limitations on materials

6.3—Flexural members of special moment frames

6.4—Special moment frame members subjected to bending and axial load

6.5—Joints of special moment frames

6.6—Members of intermediate moment frames

6.7—Members not designed as part of the lateral-force-resisting system

6.8—Seismic design examples

6.9—Seismic design aids

Chapter 7—References

7.1—Referenced standards and reports

7.2—Cited references

Appendix A—Reference tables

Appendix B—Analysis tables

Appendix C—Sectional properties


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