SP-144: Concrete Technology: Past, Present, and Future

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Editor: P. Kumar Mehta


Eighteen review papers and twelve research papers are included in the Proceedings of the Mohan Malhotra Symposium on Concrete Technology: Past, Present, and Future. The purpose of the Symposium was to serve as a forum for discussion on the current state of the concrete industry and technology, and to identify important issues that need to be addressed in the future.

The proceedings of the Mohan Malhotra Symposium, which excel for the variety and richness of information contained in the 30 papers, reflect the respect and admiration of the authors for the honoree. As a researcher, scholar, and technology-transfer crusader, Mohan has undoubtedly made unique contributions to the concrete technology. It would indeed be a fitting tribute to him if the deliberations of the Mohan Malhotra Symposium are able to make a significant impact in preparing the concrete industry for the 21st century.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1994

Pages: 683

ISBN: 9780870316432

Categories: Concrete Technology

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Concrete Technology at the Crossroads - Problems and

Opportunities, by P.K. Mehta

-Concrete - Year 2000, Revisited, by B. Mather

-A Holistic Approach to Concrete Technology for Major

Bridges, by B.C. Gerwick, Jr.

-Needed - Paradigm Shifts in the Technology for Normal

Strength Concrete, by J.M. Shilstone, Sr. and J.M. Shilstone, Jr.

-Durable Concrete - Current Practice and Future Trends, by

P.C. Aïtcin

-Alkali-Aggregate Reaction - the Bogeyman of Concrete, by

R.N. Swamy

-Frost Resistance, a Critical Look, by M. Pigeon

-Thaumasite Related Deterioration of Concrete Structures, by

J.A. Bickley, R.T. Hemmings, R.D. Hooton, and J. Balinski

-Stabilized Air Void System in Superplasticized Concrete, by

K. Baekmark, H. Hansen, and J. Reichert

-Concrete Durability in a Very Aggressive Environment, by

M. Maslehuddin, Rasheeduzzafar, O.S.B. Al-Amoudi, and

A.I. Al-Mana

-An Interaction Model for Causes of Deterioration and Permeability

of Concrete, by P.A.M. Basheer, A.E. Long, and F.R. Montgomery

-Mathematical Modeling of Concrete Durability: The Use of

Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes, by J.P. Bournazel

and M. Moranville-Regourd

-Flexural Fatigue Strength of Structrual Lightweight Concrete

Under Water, by V. Ramakrishnan, G.C. Hoff, and Y.U. Shankar

-Fatigue Property of Concrete with and Without Mineral

Admixtures, by T.R. Naik and S.S. Singh

-Trends in Concrete Technology for Offshore and Marine

Strucutres, by G.C. Hoff

-Future Trends in Roller Compacted Concrete Dam Construction,

by M.R.H. Dunstan

-Fracture and Material Properties of Roller Compacted Concrete,

by E.K. Schrader

-Novel Cements and Cement Products for Applications in the

21st Century, by D.M. Roy and M.R. Silsbee

-High-Alkali Cements for 21st Century Concretes, by J. Davidovits

-Superplasticizers and Air Entraining Agents: State of the Art and

Future Needs, by M. Collepardi

-Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites: Current Practice and

Future Prospects, by S. Mindess and N. Banthia

-Mineral Admistures in Concrete: State of the Art and Trends, by

S. Nagataki

-History Interactions and Current Status of the Polymers in

Concrete, by S. Chandra and Y. Ohama

-Reactive Powder Concretes with High Ductility and 200-800 Mpa

Compressive Strength, by P. Richard and M.H. Cheyrezy

-Designing Concrete Mixtures for Desired Mechanical Properties

and Durability, by P.J.M. Monteiro and P.R.L. Helene

-Important Test Methods for Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete

Durability, by O.E. Gjorv

-A New Method for Evaluation of the Slump of Concrete, by

K.W. Nasser and S. Biswas

-Uniformity of Cement and Concrete for Quality Assurance in

Constructions, by A.K. Mullick

-Overview of Fly Ash and Silica Fume Concretes: The Need for

Rational Curing Standards, by M.E. Ayers and M.S. Khan

-Nondestructive Testing of Concrete: History and Challenges,

by N.J. Carino


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