SP-139: Durable Concrete in Hot Climates

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Editor: Cameron MacInnis


The International Symposium on "How to Produce Durable Concrete in Hot Climates," sponsored by Committee 201 on Durability of Concrete, was held at the ACI Fall Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico in October 1992. Altogether, ten papers were presented at the two sessions of the symposium. Approximately seventy-five persons were in attendance at each session. The symposium was noted for its international flavor and the variety of topics presented.


Document Details

Publication Year: 1993

Pages: 188

ISBN: 9780870316371

Categories: Hot Weather

Formats: PDF

Table of Contents

-Effect of Hot Weather Conditions on the Microcracking

and Corrosion Cracking Potential of Reinforced Concrete,

by Rasheeduzzafar and S.M.A. Al-Kurdi

-Effect of Temperature on Cathodic Protection Criterion for

Reinforced Concrete Structures, by Rasheeduzzafar and

M.G. Ali

-Electron-Optical Evaluation of Concrete Cured at Elevated

Temperatures, by B.A. Clark, E.A. Draper, R.J. Lee,

J. Skalny, M. Ben-Bassat, and A. Bentur

-The Effect of Curing Temperature on the Chloride Ion Diffusion

of Superplasticised Cement and Fly Ash Cement Pastes,

by J.G. Cabrera, T.A.H. Dodd, and S.O. Nwaubani

-Properties of Pozzolanic Mortars Cured in Hot Dry Environments,

by J.G. Cabrera, P.J. Wainwright, and A.M. Alamri

the Quality of the Cover Concrete, by A.A. Sha'at, A.E. Long,

F.R. Montgomery, and P.A.M. Basheer

-Research on Concrete in Hot Environments at the National

Building Research Institute, Haifa, Israel, by D. Ravina and

I. Soroka

-Concrete Problems Associated with Hot Climates, by

J.M. Scanlon

-Concreting of Thick Sections in the Tropics, by C.T. Tam,

S. Swaddiwudhipong, A.C. Mani, and S.L. Lee

-Strength of Concrete Cured Under Various Conditions in Tropical

Climates, by R. Huyke-Luigi


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